March 2004    issue 28

Quick reminders for your tax mailing
With the tax deadline just around the corner, you want your tax mailing to go as smoothly as possible. Before you seal the envelope, don't forget to sign your returns and make a photocopy for your records. Once you are ready to mail, take a look at our important tax mailing reminders:

  Make sure you print enough postage
If your filing consists of more than 5 pages or your envelope is oversized, you may need additional postage.

  If you are sending a thin envelope, do not use a shipping label
You can only use a shipping label on envelopes that are at least 3/4-inch thick.

  If you need proof of mailing, buy Certified Mail™ service
This extra service costs $2.30 and provides you with a mailing receipt, plus online access to delivery information. Click on Special Services to purchase this service. You will also need to fill out the green USPS® Form 3800 that you can get at your local Post Office™.

  Mail as early as possible to avoid the rush at the Post Office
By mailing earlier, you may also receive faster service on refunds.

  If you wait until the last day to send your tax return, go to the Post Office to get your mail postmarked
The mail date printed by or other private postage meter companies is not considered a postmark by the IRS.

Additional resources:
  If you no longer have your pre-printed return envelope, check the IRS website for Where to File Addresses.

  Many Post Office locations will have extended hours on April 15th. Please check your local Post Office for specific hours.
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Protect yourself from printing problems
If you have ever experienced a printer glitch when printing postage, you already know how frustrating the experience is. We can't prevent your computer from crashing, your Internet connection from dropping or paper misfeeds from ever happening. But there are steps you can take to avoid common mistakes when you print postage. Take a minute to read our tips and you could save hours of headaches.
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Tip of the month
Learn how to send shipment notification emails. It's the perfect way to let the recipient know a package is on the way!

Why I use
"As a sole practitioner accountant, I don't have time to go to the Post Office to send my clients' tax returns. With, I can do it easily right at my own computer and drop off the envelopes in a blue mailbox on the way home. No lost time!"
H.D. Pedlar
Did you know?
The U.S. accounts for 46% of the world's mail volume. Japan comes in second with about 6%.

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