USPS Standard Post Formerly known as USPS Parcel Post

USPS Standard Post Formerly known as USPS Parcel Post

What is Standard Post?

Standard Post is the US Postal Service’s lowest cost option to send packages of all sizes, including oversized boxes, to destinations in the United States. It usually takes between 2 and 9 days to receive a Standard Post package, but USPS sometimes takes up to 14 postal business days to deliver items sent with this method. This mail class was formerly known as Parcel Post, until it was changed to Standard Post in January 2013.

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Try us out for 4 weeks! Get $5 free postage

(to use during your trial)

Try us out for 4 weeks!

Get $5 free postage

(to use during your trial)

Using Standard Post

Although Priority Mail takes precedence over First-Class Mail and Standard Post, you can send larger and oddly-shaped packages through Standard Post, such as tubes, rolls, and boxes of unusual dimensions. However, you can’t use Standard Post for packages that measure more than 130 inches in length and width and weigh more than 70 pounds

The USPS utilizes zone-based pricing for all Standard Post package shipping. There are 9 zones in the U.S. and prices are based on the distance from the original package location to the delivery destination. Prices start at $5.75 for a one pound package. Also, Standard Post is subject to USPS’s balloon pricing. The USPS can charge you extra if your parcel weighs less than 20 pounds, but measures between 84 and 108 inches in length and width.

USPS will allow you to buy most of its additional services to monitor your Standard Post package. USPS Tracking, Signature Confirmation, Return Receipt, COD, Restricted Delivery and insurance all are available for purchase before mailing your Standard Post package. This mail class is available for purchase at the Post Office only.

Standard Post cannot be purchased in the software. Online postage customers should use Parcel Select instead.

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