Your $80 Offer

FREE 5lb Digital Scale

As a new customer you will receive a FREE 5 lb. Digital Scale. The scale is a $50 value and is yours to keep with no additional obligation. Just pay for shipping and handling (typically $9.99 or less).

$25 Postage Offer

As a new customer you will receive $5 in free postage that you can use during your trial period. After you complete your trial period, you are eligible for an additional $20 in postage. We will give you two $10 postage coupons. You can redeem one coupon per month once you complete your trial. If you stay with past the trial period, you will be charged $15.99 a month for the service, you can cancel your services at any time.

FREE Supplies Kit

To help you get started we will ship you a free Supplies Kit that includes free postage labels to use with the service (a $5 value). However, you don't need to wait for the Supplies Kit to arrive in order to print postage. You can immediately take advantage of features such as printing shipping labels on plain paper or printing postage directly on envelopes!

Professional Shipper

The Advanced Shipping Solution

If you're shipping more than $500 a month in the following mail classes: Priority Mail®, Priority Mail International®, Express Mail® and Express Mail International®, we will pay your monthly service fee – a $34.99 value! Each month that you exceed the $500 threshold, a service fee refund will be credited to your account. Professional Shipper program offers the following features and benefits:

To start taking advantage of these great benefits, sign up for Professional Shipper today!

And don't forget, you still get the Professional Shipper Special Offer – a $100 value:

So what are you waiting for?

*To qualify for Commercial Plus pricing, your USPS shipping must meet these minimum annual volume requirements: 1,250 pieces per quarter for domestic Express Mail and 75,000 pieces per year for domestic Priority Mail. You will receive discounts of 32% for Express Mail and up to 30% for Priority Mail. Additional volume or negotiated discounts may be available for international Priority Mail and Express Mail shipments as well.

Batch Label Generation allows you to easily print multiple shipping labels in just a few clicks. To send packages of the same weight and mail class to multiple addresses simply choose the addresses from your address book or upload a new list of addresses. Use the advanced Batch processing function to fulfill multiple orders with different weights and/or mail classes. Simply import your order lists, specify weight and mail class information for each package, and print all of your shipping labels in one batch. It's that easy.

High-Volume Order Fulfillment makes processing your orders fast and easy, whether you are shipping five packages or five hundred. We've built our software with the powerful tools high-volume shippers need to manage hundreds of orders quickly and efficiently.

Batch Label Generation

Ever wish there was a fast and easy way to process all of your orders at once? There is. allows you to easily print multiple shipping labels in one pass. Simply upload your orders, review and make changes, and print them with the touch of one button: Print out your shipping labels at up to 60 labels per minute. Read more about Batch Label Generation.

Professional label printers, scales and barcode readers

Use the high quality equipment you already own. integrates seamlessly with Mettler-Toledo and Weightronics scales as well as high performance thermal label printers like Zebra/Eltron, Dymo, Seiko and Bixolon.

Presets for Commonly Shipped Products

Tired of entering weight, dimensions, delivery preference and other shipping info multiple times for the same product? Now you don't have to. With, you can save preset values like dimensions, weight and mail class for all of your products.

XML Import/Export and ODBC Connectivity

Exchange information between and other applications using XML or ODBC. When you configure an ODBC connection, can communicate directly with your data source, including any Excel, CSV, Access, My SQL, SQL Server, Oracle and other database formats. With XML File Monitoring, will automatically print shipping labels when your order processing software exports orders.

Scan the Order ID - Print the shipping label!

If you're in a warehouse environment, you want your shipping process as automated as possible. Simply configure an ODBC connection to your database and you are ready to begin shipping. Professional Shipper Plan shippers can use a USB barcode scanner to read the Order number (or manually enter it) and will retrieve the order information and automatically print your shipping label. You can even post back important shipping information such as tracking numbers directly back into your database.

Multiple Users

If you're a high-volume shipper, you can't leave the shipping to only one person. Professional Shipper Plan allows for multiple users – three or ten user versions are available. Enable multiple people in your organization to print shipping labels simultaneously from one account and postage balance. With advanced permissions features, you have control over who, what, where, when and how shipping dollars are spent. This gives you unprecedented visibility and control over your shipping expenses.


All customers save up to 10% off of USPS insurance rates. Signing up for the Professional Shipper Plan will save you up to 40% off USPS rates. Insure all your packages to any of the 200+ countries the USPS ships to up to $10,000. There are no additional forms to fill out and no need to go to the Post Office. Buying insurance is just a few simple clicks away. And if you need to file a claim, you can also do that directly through

Higher Postage Balances

Need a higher postage balance than $500? Professional Shipper Plan allows you to increase your postage balance up to $10,000. Just call customer support to increase your balance.

Shipping Discounts

In addition to regular shipping discounts, we support Commercial Plus pricing for high volume shippers. Your USPS activity must meet minimum annual volume requirements. You will receive discounts up to 56% for Priority Mail Express, up to 61% for Priority Mail, up to 20% for Priority Mail Express International and up to 18% for Priority Mail International. At even higher volumes, Commercial Plus Cubic pricing can also generate substantial savings. Additional volume or negotiated discounts may be available for Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express International shipments as well.

Contact a Shipping Specialist
If you're shipping more than 100 packages a day, click here.

Developer Program
If you need a custom solution integrating USPS shipping into your existing software and workflow, visit our Developer Program to register for 24/7 access to complete documentation and code samples.

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