Spend less time shipping. More time selling.

Less time shipping.
More time selling.

Ship faster for less money with automated shipping tools and discounted USPS rates.

Ship faster.
Pay Less.


Import Orders

Automatically imports orders from wherever you sell.


Selects Best Rate

Selects best shipping method based on price and delivery speed.


Alerts Customers

Automatically shares tracking information with your marketplace and customers.

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Automatically import all your orders

Manage and ship all of your orders from a simple dashboard. We’ll grab your orders through our direct integrations and get them ready to ship instantly. Import from Amazon, eBay, shopping carts, CSV files, and more. Simply click, connect, and ship. It’s the easiest and fastest way to get orders out the door while keeping customers happy and boosting your seller ratings.

Import all your orders

Manage and ship all of your orders from all of your stores from a simple dashboard. No matter where you’re selling, we’ll grab your orders through our direct integrations and get them ready to ship instantly. Import from Amazon, eBay, shopping carts, CSV files, and more.


Save big with amazing discounts from USPS and UPS!

Thanks to our partnerships with USPS and UPS, Stamps.com gives you access to some of the most competitive rates available anywhere.

  • Domestic: Up to 30% for USPS and up to 83% for UPS Daily Rates
  • International: Up to 7% for USPS and up to 82% for UPS Daily Rates
  • Other Discounts Supported: Commercial Base, Commercial Plus, Cubic Pricing, and more!
  • Package Protection: Save up to 40% on coverage.

UPS rates are limited to shipping from the continental U.S. only. These rates and discounts exclude shipment origins from Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska. These rates and any applicable discounts are subject to change at any time without notice.


Get the lowest rates with the fastest delivery times.

USPS has a lot of great ways to ship stuff, but deciding which one is best for each package can be tough. Once you install the software, Stamps.com automatically selects the best USPS delivery option based on price, package size, weight, and required delivery date. W

Unlimited Shipments

Unlimited Sales Channels

Unlimited Live Telephone Support


Package tracking instantly available to your customers.

Great news! You’ll never have to hear “Where’s my package?” again.

  • Package tracking info is immediately sent to your store, and
  • Our detailed Online Reporting Dashboard makes it easy to access package tracking details for any order.

The right fit no matter how much you ship.

Whether you ship one package a day from your home, or ship thousands of packages a day from multiple warehouses, Stamps.com works for any-sized business and any experience level.


Process orders faster with simple workflow automation tools.

  • Automatic domestic address cleansing
  • Print labels for multiple orders in one click
  • Map the shipping selection in your store to USPS service
  • Use presets to quickly apply shipping preferences to multiple orders
  • Automatically add order tags based on products ordered

International made easy

One of the fastest way to grow your business is to open up the international markets. Stamps.com makes it easy with our powerful Global Advantage Program.


NEW! Ship merchandise with flats and large envelopes


Electronic customs – no more forms to print


Instant shipping refunds


Free $100 coverage – We refund the shipping cost and reimburse up to $100


Free end of day pickup

We don’t set limits on your success

With Stamps.com you get unlimited shipments, unlimited store connections and unlimited telephone support for one low monthly fee. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t believe in charging you more for your success.


Scan Forms

Consolidate multiple shipments into one barcode


Batch Label Printing

Print all your shipping labels in one click


Thermal Printers

We support all the top brands


Return Shipping Labels

Email return label to your customers


Hidden Postage

Hide the postage value on your label


Package Insurance

Insure packages up to $10,000 in value


An experienced support team of live humans

Unlike some of our competitors, we believe it’s nice to talk to an actual person when you need help. Whether you need technical support or just some advice on USPS shipping options, our living, breathing shipping experts are ready to help by phone, email, or chat. And don’t worry, you’ll never have to pay extra to talk with a real person.

  • Toll-free telephone support team
  • Customer Service Team of The Year winner
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  2. Stamps.com Customers, 2017
  3. Stamps.com Family of Companies, USPS FY 2017

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