The world's largest golf superstore for golf clubs, golf equipment, and other golf accessories chooses Enterprise to simplify its mailing process and to boost overall productivity at its stores nationwide.


"Before, our managers had to take the packages to the Post Office, taking valuable time out of their day away from the store and forcing them to pay for postage and then complete a reimbursement form.'s Enterprise postage solution has dramatically improved productivity across the board."
Stephen Graf, Director of Store Systems, Golfsmith International Holdings

Golfsmith International Holdings, Inc. is a 40-year-old specialty retailer of golf and tennis equipment, apparel and accessories. The company operates as an integrated multi-channel retailer, offering its guests the convenience of shopping in its 75+ stores across the United States, through its online internet site, and from its assortment of catalog distribution. Golfsmith offers an extensive product selection that features premier-branded merchandise, as well as its proprietary products, club-making components and pre-owned golf clubs.

Over the last five years, Golfsmith has further shown its commitment to putting its customers first by providing a world-class experience for online shoppers. now features enhanced navigation, more product reviews, and many other shopper-friendly services such as in-store pickup.

Over the last two decades, as Golfsmith continued to grow its operational footprint nationwide, the company started taking a closer look at its various business operations to pinpoint processes that could be improved resulting in a reduction of costs and an increase in overall efficiency. As part of this assessment, one of the processes reviewed was its postage solution. In fact, Golfsmith actually did not have any postage solution in place at its retail stores.

For years, store managers had to take the packages to the local Post Office, taking valuable time away from the store, forcing them to pay for the postage upfront themselves and then subsequently submitting for an expense reimbursement. On average, each store sends between 100 and 200 packages per week. Having managers out of the store to handle an insignificant portion of sales just did not make any business sense. Managers are more effective for the company if they are in the store interacting with customers. For this reason, Golfsmith embarked on a full review of its mailing needs across all retail stores to try and determine what would be the optimal mailing solution for their needs. Golfsmith's two main objectives were to increase productivity and to find an efficient postage solution that fits within their business processes.

After a thorough review of its mailing process at the retail store level, Golfsmith identified that managers could benefit tremendously from a postage solution. At first, management tried using postage meters at some of its stores. However, after a short period of testing, it was quickly determined that postage meters were not the right solution due to the substantial upfront and ongoing costs. Additionally, Golfsmith management saw that postage meters did not satisfy all of its business requirements such as the need to set authorization levels on postage spend and having the ability to view postage spend from a centralized location.

Golfsmith revisited mailing solution options and this time found – a solution that offered the administrative tools Golfsmith management required. In the fall of 2007, Golfsmith ran a trial of at several stores to see if this new system could meet its needs. After a few short months and some impactful results, Golfsmith management decided to roll out's Enterprise solution to all of its 75+ stores nationwide. By the end of 2008, Enterprise was deployed and being actively used at all stores.


Golfsmith takes pride in spending time with customers and being attentive to their needs. Therefore, interactions at the store level are taken seriously and managers were now being much more productive with their time. First and foremost, Enterprise allowed Golfsmith store managers to become more productive. Managers were relieved not to have to waste any more time going to local Post Offices with over 100 packages per week. Their valuable time gained was now spent at the store with their customers and employees ensuring smooth business operations and satisfied customers. Additionally, managers no longer had to take time out of their schedule to fill out cumbersome reimbursement forms for postage purchased upfront at the Post Office.'s Enterprise solution makes it easy to purchase postage at anytime online and it provides tools for tracking postage spend. Therefore, managers could now purchase postage as needed on the company account without having to provide a paper trail.

Control and Visibility
One of the most powerful features of Enterprise is the centralized dashboard that tracks and displays postage activity across the entire network of stores. This feature proved to be very important for Golfsmith as before the company had no way to efficiently track postage spend. With Enterprise, Golfsmith could now quickly view all postage activity across the retail network of 70+ stores, allowing a full review of all activity at all locations from one single point of access. Corporate managers could also set specific permissions on a user-by-user basis, therefore eliminating the risk of abuse system-wide.

Golfsmith has benefitted from added control and visibility in terms of time savings for all managers directly translating into increased productivity and an improvement in the overall mailing process. With Enterprise, Golfsmith was able to complete both of its business objectives-increased productivity and a more efficient postage solution for its stores.

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