U.S. Postal Service Approval

Stamps.com is approved by the USPS® to allow customers to buy and print postage online. The company is a participant in the USPS’s Information Based Indicia Program (IBIP), an initiative spearheaded by the Postal Technology Management group at the Postal Service. The USPS acts a regulator of financial and security protocols established by Stamps.com and engages in extensive testing of Stamps.com’s software and systems to ensure compliance.

Stamps.com successfully completed a required 10-step approval process with the USPS for the company’s original online postage solution, Internet Postage. This rigorous 10-step process took over 2 years to complete and ensured that Stamps.com meets the most stringent security and financial requirements of the government.

In 2002, Stamps.com received commercial approval from the USPS for the NetStamps service. The NetStamps service is the first service available on the market that allows users to print online postage from home or the office, which is not tied to a mailing date or a delivery address and can be used just like regular stamps.