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School Lowers Costs by Replacing Postage Meter with


Emily Cohen is the Director and Co-Owner of CalCopa Massage School. The school specializes in the instruction of massage therapy and while it has been in existence for 30+ years, Emily and her partner took over management in 2006. Emily uses for a variety of purposes including, shipping packages, mailing invoices and other mail communication to her customers and vendors.


When Emily and her partner took over management, they also inherited a Pitney Bowes contract with the school. Not only was the postage meter bulky and took up office space, but was also very costly. Moreover, any time the new school owners needed to ship anything other than a single letter; it meant a trip to the Post Office for Emily.


Before long, Emily had realized she was wasting money with her inherited postage meter and decided to switch to Once she started using the service, Emily was no longer required to make trips to the Post Office to send bills, newsletters etc. to her customers and vendors, saving her a lot of time. On top of that, Emily also saw considerable savings in her postage costs!

“Previously, our Pitney Bowes postage meter would cost us $1,000/year along with postage. I just checked my accounting software and I’ve spent less than $500 using for 3 years!”

– Emily Cohen, CalCopa Massage School


Time and Cost Savings

Since using, Emily saves a significant amount of time since she no longer has to drive to the Post Office and wait in line to be served. With the program, she never runs out of postage and can also buy her supplies online. Additionally, she never needs to handwrite addresses and add postage manually – She simply prints postage for her mailings and shipments using the software and her local mail carrier does the rest.

Driving Attention to Mail Pieces

Emily loves using themed NetStamps for all of her mailings. She uses the colorful graphic postage stamps on all of her greeting cards to help drive attention and make her mail stand out when it reaches her customer’s hands.

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