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Crayon Rocks

Importing Orders from Amazon and QuickBooks Helps Online Seller Save Time


Barbara is the owner of Crayon Rocks, a soy wax crayon manufacturer. These beautiful crayons are designed to not only improve the tripod grip of young children, but also happen to be very environmentally friendly. A customer for over 4 years, Barbara uses the program to ship her uniquely designed crayons to her customers.


Prior to using, Barbara would have to prepare packages for her customers, haul them over to the Post Office, stand and wait in the slow lines at the Post Office. When the number of orders grew exponentially, she realized she needed to manage her time better and so Barbara switched over to


With, Barbara was not only able to ship her domestic orders successfully, without ever going to the Post Office, but was also able to expand her sales internationally to countries such as Slovenia, France, The Netherlands, UK, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and many more. Barbara now works out of rural Kentucky, far from a Post Office and continues to use to ship packages to her customers all over the world!

“ plays a big role in helping my very rural business stay IN business.”

– Barbara Lee, Crayon Rocks


Time Savings

Barbara is able to save a lot of time by simply having her mailman pick up all her domestic and international packages. She never goes to the Post Office any longer.

Ease of Use and Integrations with other Software:

Barbara finds the program easy to use and that it meets all her shipping needs. The learning curve was minimal and even the part-time high schoolers she hired in the very beginning had no problems getting up to speed with the software. Moreover, Barbara can easily track a package to determine what was shipped and to whom. Barbara sells her crayons through Amazon and QuickBooks and loves that integrates with both. Since these integrations allow for order information to be imported into, this is another favorite feature for her.

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