Case Study: DRS Designs Family-Owned Business Saves Time and Money with

DRS Designs


Samantha Conrad is a manager with DRS Designs, a family-owned business that’s been making quality rubber stamps since 1950. In the 1990s, they moved from selling custom business and personal use stamps to the craft stamp market. They currently have a catalog of over 1,000 original art rubber stamps for crafting and card making. Samantha uses to ship packages of these rubber stamps to DRS Designs’ customers around the world as well as for administrative tasks such as billing and invoicing.


Prior to using, Samantha leased multiple postage meters from different companies. The leases were expensive, the machines bulky and heavy and the supplies costly. Dragging the machine back and forth to the Post Office every month was her least favorite chore.


With, DRS Designs has postage available whenever they need it. Samantha finds the interface easy-to-use and is confident that she always uses the correct mail service for their packages. Their shipments look a lot more professional with the labels, and tracking packages is simple. The low monthly cost for using the service is icing on the cake, as DRS Designs has saved a significant amount of money since switching to

“No more bulky and expensive postage meters for us! With, I’m confident that we’re not overpaying for postage. Our packages also look a lot more professional.” – Samantha Conrad, DRS Designs



With, Samantha has saved time and money for DRS Designs. She no longer has to make Post Office runs, she never runs out of postage and she can buy her supplies online. Also, she never has to handwrite addresses or add postage manually. She simply prints postage for her packages directly from her computer and her local mail carrier does the rest.

Customer Satisfaction:

Samantha can easily track a package to determine what was shipped and to whom without ever having to leave the software or type in long tracking numbers. Moreover, with the software, she can send email notifications to her customers to let them know that their packages are in transit. This feature helps her greatly, since she no longer has to field Customer Support calls and queries about packages in transit and can focus her time on the business instead.

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