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Everything Princesses

E-commerce business increases productivity with Stamps.com


Michael Wasserman is the Facilities and Shipping Manager at Everything Princesses, a princess-themed online store for children between the ages of 2 and 10. Part of the Everything Imagination company, Everything Princesses carries a wide selection of products including princess clothing, gifts, room décor, wall art, princess birthday party supplies, costumes, bags and more. Michael uses Stamps.com which is integrated with X-Cart, to process and ship all of Everything Princesses’ orders.


Before the company started using Stamps.com, every time a new order was received, Michael went through a complicated seven-step manual process. He would view the order in X-Cart, fulfill it from the company’s warehouse inventory, manually type in the customer’s shipping address, guesstimate the package weight, print out the shipping label, input the package tracking information into X-Cart, and schedule a package pick-up. Processing Everything Princesses’ high volume of orders occupied the majority of Michael’s time and soon, it was clear that this was a very inefficient process.


The parent company, Everything Imagination, discovered that Stamps.com had a direct integration with X-Cart and decided to test it on their highest volume site, Everything-Princesses.com. The integration was easy and within ten minutes of training, Michael had it down.

“My time spent processing customer orders has been cut in half thanks to the Stamps.com and X-Cart integration.”

– Michael Wasserman, Everything Princesses


Time Savings

After switching to Stamps.com, Michael’s time spent processing customer orders was reduced significantly. Now, when Michael sees a new order, he simply selects the mail class, prints the shipping label and is ready to go! The Stamps.com software automatically weighs the shipments and verifies the customer’s shipping address – which reduces human error. Since an email with the package tracking number is always sent to Everything Princesses’ customers, Michael also reduces the amount of time spent fielding customer support questions around tracking and shipment arrival estimates.


Stamps.com makes it easy for Michael to process orders. Now that he no longer has to follow a seven step process to fulfill every customer order, Michael can focus on improving the order fulfillment process, which has helped increase Everything Princesses’ revenue. Everything Imagination is now looking to roll out the Stamps.com and X-Cart integration on all their sites soon!

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