Loose Petals


Loose Petals

Etsy shop owner uses Stamps.com to ship eco-friendly prints and greeting cards


Loose Petals is an art shop run by Karen Young, a Chicago-based, nationally renowned artist who’s been in business since 1991. Karen’s Etsy shop, Loose Petals, specializes in high-quality, recycled destination prints and greeting cards. Since its opening in 2011, Loose Petals has been one of the fastest growing Etsy stores, and has also been featured in Better Homes and Garden. Karen uses Stamps.com to mail her posters and greeting cards to customers nationwide and internationally.


Before signing up for Stamps.com, Karen used Click-N-Ship, but didn’t find it easy to use or efficient. Loose Petals was doing such a high volume of daily business that Karen started looking for a more suitable shipping solution.


Before choosing Stamps.com, Karen researched several different shipping software solutions for e-commerce businesses. She was looking for an easy-to-use solution and reliable customer support – Stamps.com offered her both. From the quick account set up, to the flat monthly rate to the intuitive label generating system, Stamps.com was able to cater to all of Karen’s shipping needs. Now, she creates labels for her posters, flat mailers and small packages with just a few clicks. Once the labels are printed, she attaches them to her packages and schedules a carrier pick-up, all from right within the software.

“If I were to rate Stamps.com’s customer service on a scale from 1 to 10, I would give them a 10. They always provide excellent support for my e-commerce business.”

– Karen Young, Loose Petals


Ease of Use

Shipping her customers’ orders with Stamps.com was so simple that Karen trained her staff to use the software too. The integration with her Etsy shop has been seamless. Once she receives the orders via her Etsy shop, she simply imports the information into the Stamps.com software and begins printing the labels and packing slips. Karen also loves that Stamps.com sends an email with tracking information to her customers, so she doesn’t have to!

Discounted Postage Rates

With her Stamps.com account, Karen automatically gets access to discounted postage for her shipments. As a small business, it is important for her to keep her expenses as low as possible. Based on the package weight, destination and delivery time, Karen selects the best mail class option for each domestic and international shipment.

Excellent Customer Service

For any issues, Karen reaches out to the Stamps.com’s Customer Care Team, knowing that a representative will be able to troubleshoot and find an effective resolution quickly.

To learn more about Loose Petals, visit the website at www.loosepetals.com

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