Tech Savvy IT Solutions Firm Finds the Advantages of Over a Postage Meter or Post Office Trips


As the president of mantisPro, an IT solutions firms specializing in communication (VoIP) and document management solutions for businesses, Stephen Yoss has implemented the service to save time and money on his USPS mailings. Stephen is a 10+ year customer, first using the service at his families’ CPA firm and continuing to introduce the service at subsequent companies.


While working at the CPA firm, Stephen realized that there had to be a better solution than the expensive postage meter that rarely worked correctly. Even worse was the meter required a long term contract and always seemed to break down around April 15th (busiest time of the year for CPA firms). He also knew that it didn’t make sense to pay hourly staff to go to the Post Office and wait in long lines to process the daily mailings.


Stephen found back in 1999 and has been a convert since. His firm, mantisPro, has always placed a heavy emphasis on technology and he feels that the capabilities of allow mantisPRO to be flexible and efficient in providing a wide range of solutions that can really help businesses.

“Our company has always invested in technology that made staff more productive. It didn’t make sense to have staff going to the post office during valuable working hours to buy postage. With, we just purchase the stamps, print the postage, mail and we are done!”
– Stephen Yoss, President, mantisPRO


Time and Savings

Like many business leaders, Stephen recognized that having employees go to the Post Office during the workday was a waste of resources; he knew their time was better spent working with the clients. Stephen appreciates that with he and his team can print any amount of postage on the fly and they don’t have to work around the Post Office hours. He also avoids the wasted time of having to call in to get authorization codes like he needed to when he had a postage meter.

Ease of Use

One of the attributes of that Stephen likes is how easy it is to use. He found that was simple to download and install and his firm could be printing postage in minutes. is also a good fit for mantisPRO because anyone in the company can use it, even non-tech savvy employees. Stephen also likes how the service integrates in to MS Office allowing him to print directly from Outlook or Word.

Customer Support

The few times Stephen has called in to Customer Support he has found the support representatives to be helpful and friendly.

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