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TheChainMailleLady™ is an e-commerce company that was started by Lauren Andersen in 2007. Chainmaille is a technique that links small metal rings (“jump rings”) together to form a mesh pattern. Lauren designs and creates each of her chainmaille jewelry pieces, one jump ring at a time. She uses to print labels for packages she ships to her customers as well as for sending them ads, newsletters and coupons through the mail.


Before Lauren started using, she manually typed each shipping address into Microsoft Word and printed them on Avery labels. She guesstimated her package weights, and felt like she was always at the Post Office to buy postage or wait in line to ship her packages. Also, Lauren would manually write each shipping cost on the individual customer invoices because there was no way to generate a receipt for postage. “I wasted a lot of time that I could have spent making jewelry or growing my business.” Lauren said.


Lauren learned about, and began processing her e-commerce orders through the software. Now, everything is automated and she doesn’t have to perform any manual tasks to process and ship her customer orders. Lauren loves being able to automatically weigh her packages with the digital postage scale, and that she can print a customer receipt at the same time as printing a shipping label. also makes it easy to create shipping labels and fill out customs forms for her international orders.

“I can’t believe how easy it is to automatically weigh my customer packages and create shipping labels, even for international orders.”

– Lauren Andersen, TheChainMailleLady


Simple International Shipping

Lauren receives numerous online orders from international customers. With the software, international shipping is a breeze! Now, she can effortlessly fill out the correct customs forms and print shipping labels for international orders. Manually writing each customs form and standing in line at the Post Office is a thing of the past.

Exact Postage

Lauren is confident that she is no longer over-paying for postage. With the digital postage scale, she weighs each package and the software automatically calculates the postage for her. Lauren knows the exact amount of postage to use for each package, and simply prints out the shipping label, with or without the postage amount shown on the label.

More Time to Grow Her Business

Using the software means no more long trips to the Post Office for her. Now, Lauren processes her orders with just a few clicks. She spends her newfound free time designing her jewelry, writing instruction manuals and building her business.

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