Volusion Shipping integration


Volusion Shipping integration

What is Volusion Shopping Cart Software?

Volusion is a turn-key shopping cart software solution for ecommerce sites. With over 100,000 customers and more than 10 years of experience, Volusion is a proven solution for ecommerce web merchants.

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Benefits of Using Volusion

While many shopping cart solutions make it easy for anyone to start a professional ecommerce site, Volusion makes it easy to not only start and maintain an ecommerce site but also to run an ecommerce business. To help you run your ecommerce business, Volusion offers professional shopping cart software that integrates with tools for inventory management, marketing, accounting software such as QuickBooks®, and much more.

Volusion Integration with Stamps.com

Volusion customers can use Stamps.com to print all of their USPS shipping labels for all mail classes, including Media Mail, Parcel Select Ground and First Class Package International Service. This easy-to-implement integration is available at no additional cost to new and existing Stamps.com customers. Here are some of the great features available as part of this integration:

  • Rapid Order Fulfillment
    Batch print up to 1000 USPS shipping labels at a time – Thermal printers supported for faster printing
  • Address Validation
    Reduce returned mail wasted postage by making sure you ship to the right address
  • Hidden Postage
    Eliminate all S&H questions by hiding the postage amount from the shipping label
  • Print all USPS Mail Classes
    Print shipping labels for all USPS mail classes, including Parcel Select Ground, Media Mail and First Class Package International Service
  • Discounted Insurance
    Save up to 40% on Stamps.com postage insurance compared to USPS rates

To integrate your Volusion shopping cart with Stamps.com, simply follow these Volusion connection instructions.

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