Parcel Insurance Plan (PIP)
End User License Agreement

THIS POLICY INSURES your packages (defined as a single shipping unit bearing a single carrier identification number) and their contents, usual to your business, against damage or loss from any external cause while in the care, custody or control of the United States Postal Service (USPS) or private parcel carriers during transit from your premises to locations within the United States of America (including its possessions and trusts) and Canada, EXCEPT as hereinafter excluded. International coverage is also included for all carriers. However, whenever coverage provided by this policy would be in violation of any U.S. economic or trade sanctions, such coverage shall be null and void. Insurance is underwritten by Parcel Insurance Plan (PIP)/Fireman’s Fund. PIP will not be liable for more than the declared value, actual cash value, cost to repair or replace, or Liability Limit, whichever is less.


  1. Coins, bullion, loose diamonds or stones, stocks, bonds, currency, deeds, evidence of debt, travelers checks, money orders, gift certificates, calling cards, lottery tickets, admission tickets, or any other negotiable documents.
  2. The shipping or postage cost.
  3. Loss from delay, deterioration, spoilage or contamination of perishable merchandise except when resulting from fire.
  4. Merchandise shipped on consignment, memorandum or approval unless shipped in fulfillment of an order or request.
  5. Loss, damage or non-arrival of any package or its contents which (a) is addressed, wrapped or packed insufficiently, incorrectly or contrary to carrier’s packaging requirements; or (b) bears a descriptive label or packaging which tends to describe nature of contents EXCEPT if required by Postal Laws and Regulations.
  6. Against loss or damage arising out of dishonesty on the part of the insured or insured’s employees.
  7. Against loss or damage caused by or resulting from: (a) hostile or warlike action in time of peace or war, including action in hindering, combating or defending against an actual, impending or expected attack, (1) by any government or sovereign power (de jure facto), or by any authority maintaining or using military, naval or air forces; or (2) by military, naval or air forces; (3) by an agent of any such government power, authority or forces: (b) any weapon of war employing atomic fission or radioactive force whether in time of peace or war; (c) insurrection, rebellion, revolution, civil war, usurped power, or action taken by governmental authority in hindering, combating or defending against such an occurrence, seizure or destruction under quarantine or Customs regulations, confiscation by order of any government or public authority or risks of contraband or illegal transportation of trade.
  8. Against loss or damage caused by nuclear reaction/radiation or radioactive contamination, all whether controlled or uncontrolled, and whether such loss be direct or indirect, proximate or remote, or be in whole or in part caused by, contributed to, or aggravated by the peril(s) insured against in this Policy; however, direct loss by “fire” resulting from nuclear reaction/radiation or radioactive contamination is insured against by this Policy.


  1. PIP WILL NOT BE LIABLE for any loss, damage or shortage to property covered by other valid and collectable insurance nor for carrier’s liability. Coverage under this Policy shall be EXCESS of aforementioned. PIP will not be liable if packages are not reported to PIP and related premiums not remitted. COVERAGE IS CONTINGENT upon carrier being liable for loss, damage or shortage.
  2. If the premium payment is not received, all coverage and pending claim payments under this Policy will be suspended until reinstated by PIP.
  3. You are to notify the carrier of non-delivery, damage or shortage within the carrier’s claim reporting period. All claims are to be submitted to PIP within 90 days of shipment, but no earlier than 30 days after shipment. You will submit a completed PIP claim form, with claim related information; copy of original invoice to consignee, and any other documentation or damaged packages that are requested to substantiate loss. All damaged property for which payment (not repair costs) or replacement has been requested or made, must on request, be returned to PIP.
  4. Any covered loss will be mailed to you or your Assignee within 10 business days of PIP’s receipt of all required claim documentation and requested damaged goods.
  5. Upon payment or replacement for loss or damage, all your rights to recover from the carrier, excluding amount equal to your deductible, are transferred to PIP. You will assist PIP in every reasonable manner to secure recovery.
  6. No suit or action for the recovery of any claim under this Policy shall be sustainable in any court of law or equity unless commenced within twelve (12) months after you discover the occurrence which gives rise to the claim, provided, however, that if by the laws of the State within which this Policy is issued, such limitation is invalid, then any such claim shall be void unless such action or suit commences within the shortest limit of time permitted by the laws of that State.
  7. Policy changes can only be effected by PIP or Company issued endorsements.
  8. This Policy treats banded boxes and pallets of boxes as one single package.
  9. If a part of a pair or set is lost or damaged, PIP will only pay you a reasonable and fair portion of the total value of the pair or set and NOT the total value.
  10. This Policy is void if you have intentionally concealed or misrepresented any material fact or circumstance relating to this insurance.


Request claims through the appropriate tool in the application.