USPS Address Cleansing and Verification

USPS Address Cleansing

What Is Address Cleansing and Verification?

When your shipping labels contain typos, incorrect ZIP codes or non-standard state abbreviations, delivery rates can decline and postage may be wasted if your mail is returned as undeliverable. Address cleansing and verification helps ensure that your delivery addresses are formatted to the U.S. Postal Service’s preferred specifications and include only addresses that the USPS delivers to.

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How Address Cleansing and Verification Works

CASS-certified address cleansing and verification software will check your shipping address against the USPS database before printing your shipping label. If there is a needed correction, the software will suggest the USPS-approved address.

Example of Address with Misspellings and Bad Data

The address below contains a couple of misspellings, an improper abbreviation and an incomplete ZIP code:

John Smith
11950 Salam Drive
Granada Hils, Ca 91333

Example of Address After Cleansing and Verification

Once the address has been cleaned using verification software, the address becomes:

John Smith
11950 Salem Dr
Granada Hills CA 91344-2347

Benefits of Address Cleansing and Verification

There are many benefits associated with address cleansing and verification. When you select a CASS-certified software solution, you eliminate postage costs for undeliverable mail and increase customer service through faster delivery. If you are sending a direct mail piece, address cleansing and verification will help more mail get delivered which could improve the response rates and sales for your campaign. Automatically Cleanses and Verifies Your Addresses

When you use for your mailing and shipping needs, you don’t need to worry about address cleansing; automatically does it for you! is a CASS-certified solution that regularly syncs with the USPS Address Matching Service Database to make sure your customer’s address are complete, state abbreviations are standardized and ZIP codes are current and complete. cleanses every address on your mailing list at no extra charge before printing labels or postage. This process ensures your mail will be delivered quickly and correctly without unnecessary expense.

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