USPS Cubic Pricing

What is USPS Cubic Pricing?

USPS Cubic Pricing provides high volume shipping customers discounted rates for small, heavy packages. Priority Mail packages measuring less than 20 pounds weight and 0.5 cubic feet volume, with no dimension longer than 18 inches, are eligible for Cubic Pricing as long as you meet the minimum package requirements. For these packages, customers will pay shipping costs for the actual size of the package and the shipping distance instead of its weight.

Compared to other shipping carriers such as FedEx and UPS that only offer pricing based on weight and distance, USPS Cubic Pricing is a great alternative to help lower shipping costs. In order to qualify for Cubic Pricing, customers must ship over 50,000 packages a year.

How does Cubic Pricing work?

The cubic pricing for your USPS package is measured by calculating:
Length x Width x Height / 1728 = Cubic Feet
Note: All measurements should be rounded down to the nearest 0.25 inch. No dimension may exceed 18 inches to be eligible for Cubic Pricing.

Once you have the cubic feet measurement, your package will fall into one of five tiers:

  • Tier 1: Packages up to .10 cubic feet
  • Tier 2: Packages more than .10 and up to .20 cubic feet
  • Tier 3: Packages more than .20 and up to .30 cubic feet
  • Tier 4: Packages more than .30 and up to .40 cubic feet
  • Tier 5: Packages more than .40 and up to .50 cubic feet

Cubic Feet
Range (up to)
0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5
Zone 1 and 2 $7.54 $8.02 $8.25 $8.37 $8.50
Zone 3 $7.81 $8.20 $8.62 $8.85 $9.07
Zone 4 $8.05 $8.49 $9.01 $9.57 $10.04
Zone 5 $8.37 $9.12 $10.03 $11.83 $13.18
Zone 6 $9.18 $10.96 $13.48 $15.92 $17.79
Zone 7 $9.77 $11.62 $15.22 $18.73 $22.31
Zone 8 $10.43 $12.67 $17.93 $21.59 $25.74
Zone 9 $18.56 $25.09 $34.46 $42.67 $51.21
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As an example, an 8″ length x 6″ height x 8″ width (Tier 3) package weighing 8 pounds and being shipped to Zone 6 would cost $21.53 using Priority Mail Commercial Base rates. The same package would cost only $13.48 with USPS Cubic Pricing. That is a 37% savings!

Using USPS Cubic Pricing with

To start using cubic pricing with your account, contact our Shipping Solutions team. Experienced with implementing customized, high-volume pricing agreements with the USPS, our Shipping Solutions Specialists will ensure your eligibility and assist you with completing your pricing agreement. Once approved by the USPS, will automatically integrate cubic pricing into your software free of charge, ensuring you receive the correct rates and eliminating the need for any manual price entry.

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