What is the USPS Metered Mail Rate?


In January 2014, the USPS® introduced a new Metered Mail category for single-piece letters with postage printed using a PC Postage provider (such as Stamps.com) or a postage meter. The Metered Mail rate is currently $0.60, a three cents discount off the retail rate of sixty-three cents for First Class Mail Letters (1 oz.). The special metered mail rate was introduced to encourage the use of metered mail by small businesses. Metered Mail customers cost the USPS significantly less compared to those acquired from other sales channels. Not only do these customers avoid retail locations, but also their mailpieces are already bar coded and addresses pre-cleansed.

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Why Use Metered Mail?

For small businesses sending out single-piece letters, using Metered Mail is a valuable money-saver. The three cents savings adds up and there are no mailpiece minimums. You can simply print your postage online, affix your postage and drop your letters in the mail.

Stamps.com Customers Automatically Receive the Discounted Metered Mail Rate

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