USPS Restricted Delivery


What Is Restricted Delivery?

The USPS® offers a service called Restricted Delivery, which guarantees that your mail is only delivered to the addressee. Restricted Delivery is designed specifically for sensitive mail such as confidential legal documents, important contracts, classified documents, and high-value packages or papers. When you use Restricted Delivery, the recipient of your mailpiece must positively ID himself before the USPS carrier will relinquish possession of the mailpiece.

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How Does Restricted Delivery Work?

To use Restricted Delivery, you must either tell the Post Office clerk that you’d like to purchase the service or clearly mark your mail “Restricted Delivery” at the time you hand it over to the clerk. This notification should be placed above the delivery address and to the right of the return address.

If you are a customer and would like to purchase this service without making a trip to the post office, you may select Restricted Delivery from any of the postage windows (except for International) by clicking the “Select” button next to “Add’l Options.” Please note that you must still clearly mark your mailpiece as “Restricted Delivery.”

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