Return Shipping Labels


Product returns are a part of every business. A hassle-free return process impacts customer relations and the ability to easily and quickly process returns internally. Return shipping labels ensure fast delivery back to the seller, which enables the seller to process refunds back to the customer as fast as possible.

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How Do Return Shipping Labels Work?

Typically, shipping software is used to create return shipping labels. The seller must select a shipping carrier and mail class, supply postage funds, and enter the addresses. Return shipping labels feature the customer’s address in the “From” field, the seller’s address in the “To” field, and applicable postage. Once the information is complete, the shipping software will email the customer a printable file of the return shipping label. You may also print a return shipping label to mail it to your customer. Return shipping labels normally don’t have a mailing deadline.

Benefits Of Using Return Shipping Labels With

You can create and email return shipping labels to customers easily using The easy-to-use software lets you enter mailing details, pay for USPS postage, and send return shipping labels from one interface. Customers will receive an email that contains a URL to their return shipping label, which can be printed from any web browser up to 24 hours from receipt. Printed return shipping labels do not expire and can be mailed at any time. The return shipping label feature is available for all domestic USPS mail classes.

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