Coliant Solutions is a world-class infrastructure security company located in Atlanta, GA.  Kim Barth, the office administrator, is in charge of ordering office supplies, answering the phones, and saving the company money.   We recently spoke with Kim to talk about her mailing and shipping program.  Coliant Solutions has been a customer since March of 2009. Coliant

Before using, how did you process your mailings? 
Prior to signing up for, we were buying postage on a Pitney Bowes postage meter.  It was a pain to refill the postage meter machine all the time.  I would have to unplug the meter and then lug the machine over to our fax machine (for an outgoing phone line) to refill the postage.  This was always a hassle.

What made you want to test
We received a CD in the mail from  After constantly looking at the Pitney Bowes monthly invoice, I saw they were charging us a fee every time we refilled our postage on top of the monthly service fee we were paying.  So It was a no-brainer to make the switch and save a ton of money!

Was it easy to install and start using the software?
It was easy for us.  I signed up on line, which was a very quick and easy process.  The interface was intuitive and easy to figure out.   I also received the free scale and welcome kit within a few days of signing up.  

Has your shipping and mailing program become easier since switching from a postage meter to has definitely made my life easier.  To print a stamp, it is as easy as a couple of clicks and you have your stamp!  There is no more refilling the postage meter, running maintenance on the meter, etc.

Have you noticed any cost savings since in your mailing and shipping program since using
Yes, we have seen a savings.  On average, we are saving around $48.00 per month compared to the postage meter.   Those savings have been mainly due to the numerous postage refill charges we encountered.

Get more info on Coliant Solutions at their web site: or by calling (770) 614-3454

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