The economy is showing some signs of healing. However, things are still fragile. The key is learning to accept the uncertainty of the financial landscape. That also includes understanding that consumers constantly change their expectations. Quite frankly, it’s a lot for businesses to juggle, and adaptation isn’t optional. 

A flexible mailing and shipping strategy is your best bet for this year. And, the best foundation for this strategy lies within ShipStation has also created a 2024 Ecommerce Benchmark Report to help your business succeed. Here are tips for mailing and shipping in 2024 and beyond with the help of ShipStation and 

Perfect your online presence

One of the overarching themes for 2024 is to meet your customers where they are. That includes meeting your customers online through your website and social media platforms. Taking the time to develop an online presence expands your reach and finds a bigger audience. In fact, 48% of businesses plan to increase their marketing budget this year alone. This means an online presence is no longer optional. 

However, 9% of businesses say that shortages of labor and materials are the biggest challenge to their growth. With a small staff, it may seem impossible to maintain an online presence. The good news is that you can improve your social media game with a few minor tweaks. 

For example, check your contact information, logo, bio, and website. Do customers have access to all of the most updated information? Also, confirm that your address is displaying correctly. If customers can’t locate your business, they can’t use your services. 

Finally, consider investing in a social media scheduling program or scheduling posts in advance when and where you can. This way, customers will see consistent content when looking through your platforms. You can also set aside specific filming and/or content creation times during the week. Your staff can then build a backlog of content without keeping them from their daily tasks.  

Utilize discounted premium delivery options 

Customers can be categorized into two groups: digital natives and digital adopters. Digital natives are those under 45 who grew up with technology. Digital adopters are those who are over 45 and had to learn how to use technology. Within this generational divide comes a difference in delivery preferences. For example, 66% of digital adopters and 33% of digital natives said they would never pay for premium delivery services

While these groups have specific expectations, premium delivery options are sometimes the only option when sending important documents. To help combat premium delivery prices, provides our customers with discounted rates. You can also compare rates in real time with our rate browser. Get the best rate and premium service every time, so time-sensitive documents arrive exactly when they need to. 

We’ve all compulsively checked tracking links. We click over and over again, waiting for the latest update. And, with important documents and packages, tracking is even more crucial. 42% of consumers want periodic updates about their packages in transit. With, you can enable shipment notification emails

Your customers will receive updates for major delivery events as well as a tracking link. You can also customize these notifications with your business’s logo, color scheme, and more. This helps your clients and customers know exactly when important documents and packages will arrive while also keeping your business in mind for repeat business. If you’re interested in our branded tracking emails, reach out to our support team at 1‑855‑889‑7867. 

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Offer and purchase more insurance 

Consumers are looking at insurance options when reviewing your services online. 10% of consumers even stated that not offering insurance would make them less likely to shop with a brand in the future. This same mentality can carry over to your clients and other businesses and offices you partner with. 

Important documents like invoices, payroll information, and legal papers need to be mailed and shipped securely. If these documents are lost or damaged in transit, they can hold up legal proceedings, payouts, and overall operations. Carriers offer some insurance and declared value options. But with important documents and packages, it’s better to err on the side of caution and add more coverage. 

ParcelGuard partners with to provide you with affordable coverage of up to $10,000*. Additionally, domestic and international packages and mailings are both eligible for ParcelGuard shipping insurance. Adding ParcelGuard coverage is simple. Simply enter the amount of insurance needed. We’ll calculate the cost and add it to your account. 

Find the perfect strategy 

2024 might be more stable than years prior. But, there’s always the possibility that financial hardships can strike. While the economy fluctuates, you have a steady solution in We’ll help you handle changes in consumer expectations while saving you time and money. 

Don’t let the stress of the unknown impact your business. Download the full 2024 Ecommerce Delivery Benchmark Report and prepare for any situation. 

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