Offers Shipping Cost Refunds for eBay Guaranteed Delivery Door-to-Door Program

According to Deloitte, 54% of e-commerce buyers want to receive their products within 2 days of placing their order, while 89% expect to receive their product within 3-4 days of placing their order.  Customer expectations are changing, and online retailers need to deliver packages quickly in order to stay competitive.

eBay(R) launched the Guaranteed Delivery Program, allowing buyers to easily find products that are guaranteed to be delivered within 3 days or less.  With this eBay program, sellers have two Guaranteed Delivery options:

  • Door-to-door: With this option, sellers determine and guarantee their own delivery dates based on their ability to deliver to various regions and their carriers’ service level by region.
  • Handling time: With this option, eBay determines and guarantees the delivery date. Sellers must guarantee same-day or one-day handling and must print their labels on eBay Shipping. Offers Refunds on Late USPS Deliveries
For eBay sellers who use the “Door-to-Door” option and print their labels on, we’re happy to announce that you will now receive refunds on shipping cost and return shipping labels if your orders are delivered late. This feature applies to all eBay Guaranteed Delivery “Door-to-Door” orders that are using one of the following shipping services:  Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail or First Class Package Service.

If an order that is part of the eBay Guaranteed Delivered “Door-to-Door” program is delivered late from the USPS, the seller will have the following options:

eBay Guaranteed Delivery (Door-to-Door) Options for Late Delivery on eBay Orders
Buyer Options: Seller Responsibility: Offers:
Return the item purchased 1) Refund item price
2) Refund shipping costs
3) Provide free return shipping label
1) will provide credit for shipping costs

2) will provide credit for return shipping label cost

Keep the item purchased – shipping fee paid by buyer 1) Refund shipping costs 1) will provide credit for return shipping label cost
Keep the item purchased – product included free shipping 1) No action needed by seller (eBay will provide buyer with $5 voucher on next purchase) 1) No action by (eBay will provide buyer with $5 voucher on next purchase)

Requesting Refunds for eBay Guaranteed Delivery Program through is offering the same guarantee that eBay provides for sellers who use the Guaranteed Delivery Door-to-Door option. When a guaranteed item doesn’t arrive in allocated delivery time communicated to the buyer, you can request a refund for postage paid through

To request a refund, send an email to [email protected].  In the email, please include:

A) Your Username:
We use this to verify shipments and will apply refunds to your account balance.

B) Package Tracking Number (for product delivered late):
We use the package tracking number to verify that shipments meet our Guaranteed Delivery requirements using the following information:

  • Order Date
  • USPS Arrival Scan Date and Time (Must be scanned into the USPS before the end of the business day following the order date.)
  • USPS Delivery Scan Date and Time

C) Refund Requested (Shipping Cost and/or Return Shipping Label Cost):

  • Shipping Refund only:  Enter the amount eBay refunded to buyer.
  • Return of Item plus Shipping Costs:  Enter the shipping cost to the buyer as well as the cost for the return label.

D) Proof of Compensation:
Go to the eBay listing in question, print the details of eBay compensation to buyer as a PDF, and include it in the email. will review the eBay Guaranteed Delivery refund request(s) and respond within 7 days.  Any refunds will be applied to your account balance.

Get more info on the eBay Guaranteed Delivery program.

Source: Deloitte – 2017 Holiday Survey: Retail in Transition

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