Rest assured, if you’re mailing and shipping with the U.S. Postal Service, you’re doing business with the best. And not just the best in the country, but also the best in the world. Oxford Strategic Consulting (OSC) recently ranked the USPS number one in the world for postal service. The ranking comes from an OSC report that lists the world’s best postal service providers based on competitive criteria.

What was the judging criteria?
Looking around the globe, OSC examined postal service providers over three years against three key metrics:

  • Access to vital services
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Performance and Public Trust

What it takes to be number one…
What details from the report should you know? That the USPS won over all other providers because of its high operating efficiency and public faith in its performance. In fact, the report shows that the USPS handles over five times more letters per full-time delivery employee than Germany’s privatized provider, Deutsche Post. So if you’ve been placing your mailpieces in the hands of the USPS, keep it up. If you haven’t, you should be. They’re number one — and now they’ve got the ranking to prove it!


Click Here to see the entire Oxford Strategic Consulting report on global postal services here

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