Texas A&M AgriLife

Texas A&M AgriLife replaces postage meters with Stamps.com Enterprise across its network of offices to streamline business operations.

“We noticed over time that using postage meters was inefficient because our managers were unable to properly determine their districts’ postage spend, which led to the inability to accurately budget for their ongoing mailing needs.” – Ralph Piper, Auxiliary Operations Officer, Texas A&M AgriLife


Texas A&M AgriLife administers programs in agriculture, natural resources, and life sciences to improve the lives of all Texans. It is an entity that encompasses five main components of the Texas A&M University System including the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, AgriLife Extension Service, Texas AgriLife Research, Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, and the Texas Forest Service. Texas A&M AgriLife has offices in all 254 counties of Texas as well as an additional 12 district offices, and it is the cornerstone of one of the state’s premier higher education institutions.


For many years, Texas A&M AgriLife relied on postage meters to send thousands of mail pieces per month. Although operationally capable of handling this large volume of mail, the postage meters lacked the managerial and reporting tools district managers needed to determine their districts’ postage spend and accurately budget for ongoing mailing needs.


In 2008, Auxiliary Operations Officer Ralph Piper and the management team at Texas A&M AgriLife began to look for a more effective postage solution that would better suit the organization’s needs. Key search criteria included:

  • The ability to generate timely and accurate reports for all 12 district offices and 254 county offices from both local and central locations
  • Support for all mail classes
  • Ease of use
  • Rapid deployment that would not disrupt day-to-day operations

After a thorough evaluation, Texas A&M AgriLife chose Stamps.com Enterprise as its new postage solution After conducting a 90-day pilot project in 25 offices, Texas A&M AgriLife implemented the Stamps.com solution at all statewide offices. By using Stamps.com’s signature White Glove Roll-Out Program, the organization ensured a seamless, efficient and non-disruptive transition from postage meters. Today, a group of dedicated Stamps.com account representatives are permanently assigned to the account to provide each location with relationship management, technical support and any other needs that may arise over time.



Postage meters prevented Texas A&M AgriLife from producing accurate and timely reporting of each county office’s postage spend, complicating the budgeting process. Stamps.com Enterprise allows the management team to pull various reports that provide a complete view of the organization’s postage activity. There are also several reporting packages that can be customized to pull the information that is most relevant to management. The comprehensive reporting features included in Stamps.com Enterprise have resulted in significant time savings and enabled management to have much stronger control over billing and budgeting.

Control and Visibility

Due to the large number of county offices throughout the state, it was nearly impossible for Texas A&M AgriLife’s central office to assess and view postage spend in a timely and reliable manner. Stamps.com Enterprise’s centralized reporting dashboard allows management to view local activity and assess postage spend as well as the ongoing postage need into the future. From one central location, managers now have greater visibility into each county office’s postage activity. This gives them more control over local spending, and directly results in both time and cost savings. More importantly, Stamps.com Enterprise enables a more efficient business operation because it ensures accountability at the employee level.


A key criterion for the Texas A&M AgriLife organization was to have an easy to implement and user-friendly postage system. To meet this important requirement, Stamps.com Enterprise’s dedicated team of Implementation Specialists was quickly assigned to the roll out of the software application at the selected locations and subsequently to the rest of the organization’s network. This ensured a seamless and interruption-free transition from postage meters to online postage for all of Texas A&M AgriLife’s locations. Although the majority of the mail that is sent by Texas A&M AgriLife consists of standard envelopes, postcards, newsletters and some flats, management appreciates having the ability to take advantage of other powerful features of Stamps.com Enterprise such as certified mail, package insurance and discounts on Priority and Priority Mail Express.