U.S. HealthWorks

U.S. HealthWorks


U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, based in Valencia, California, is dedicated to providing the best medical care to patients and to helping employers control work-related injury costs. Since 1995, the medical provider has helped businesses control work-related injury costs through quality medical care and effective management of claims and lost work time, while specializing in early return-to-work, injury prevention and wellness programs. The medical provider serves thousands of patients every day with over 140 medical centers in 14 states, and 2,000 employees including approximately 350 affiliated physicians.

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In the medical field, the exchange of information must be efficient. U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group used postage meters to process and send the company’s mail.

As company’s Purchasing department evaluated efficiency issues within the organization, they found that postage meters were a time liability. Feeding mail through the bulky meters slowed productivity, the certified mail process was inefficient, and using the phone to add postage had become a tedious, time-consuming task. “We send out approximately 100 envelopes a week, and adding postage to the meter was such an archaic process,” said Center Manager Lynn Stephens.


To address the issues they faced with postage meters, the Purchasing department evaluated the Stamps.com Enterprise as a replacement. Throughout the evaluation process, end users noted that the software solution would allow employees to easily add and print postage online using their existing computers and printers. The advanced reporting features would give management unprecedented visibility and control over mailing expenses across the entire network of medical centers.

Most importantly, the company stood to save a lot of money by eliminating the postage meters and accompanying long-term leases, expensive inks and additional fees.

We send out approximately 100 envelopes a week, and adding postage to the meter was such an archaic process.

Lynn Stephens | Center Manager


Cost Savings

Once Stamps.com Enterprise software was integrated in all 140-plus medical centers, the company was able to eliminate incurred fees from postage meter leases, pricey inks and hidden services. In contrast to postage meters, Stamps.com Enterprise software works instantly after a one-click download and requires no additional hardware, long-tem contracts or ink refills.

After switching to Stamps.com Enterprise, U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group saves an average of $65,000 a month. “Just in this medical center alone, we save $100-$150 per month on postage, plus we’re no longer paying an additional $245 per month to lease the postage meter”, said Center Manager Rahab Kamau.


After encountering time, productivity and usability challenges with postage meters, switching to an efficient postage solution was incredibly important to U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group. Implementing Stamps.com Enterprise software helped the company maximize efficiency across all mailing functions and medical centers. The easy-to-use interface and ability to print postage allowed employees to perform everyday mailing functions quickly and with ease—from processing certified mail to adding postage.

Stamps.com Enterprise has allowed U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group to generate cost-savings and productivity throughout their network of medical centers. Stamps.com delivers an efficient postage solution while U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group delivers the right care, right away. What a great combination!

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