Stamps.com is committed to making sure that all of our customers get the most out of using our software. To ensure that each user is fully aware of the advanced capabilities of the Stamps.com system, we offer weekly webinars at no additional charge.

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Enterprise user webinar for Software

First Tuesday of each month at 11AM PT Sign up

Enterprise user webinar for Web Client

First Wednesday of each month at 1PM PT Sign up

Webinar Agenda:

  1. Review of the Stamps.com home page and options
  2. Using the Stamps.com Postage Wizard
  3. Printing postage on Netstamps
  4. Cost Codes, Certified Mail, and Return Receipt
  5. Reviewing your print history
  6. Printing on envelopes
  7. Using the Stamps.com address book
  8. Shipping Packages
  9. Adding postage to our Stamps.com account

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