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How It Works

Easily calculate and print exact postage for letters and packages using just your computer and printer. is your own personal Post Office that’s open 24 hours a day. Developed in conjunction with the USPS®, lets you calculate and print official USPS postage right from your computer with no additional hardware required.

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Getting Started

To start using, all you need is a computer and a regular inkjet or laser printer. In just minutes, you’ll have all the postage services of the Post Office right on your desktop.

Here’s how it works…


1. Connect to connects to your postage account via the internet using a web browser or through our free software (download now). When you print postage, the postage amount will be deducted from your account. You pay a low monthly fee of just $19.99 plus applicable taxes, if any to use the service and its many time– and money-saving features. That’s far less than you’d spend on time-consuming trips to the Post Office or on expensive postage meters.


2. Input or choose an address from your address book. imports delivery addresses automatically from your MS Outlook, Act!, and many other popular address book and contact management software. You can add or edit addresses anytime. You can even print postage directly from MS Word, Outlook, and QuickBooks.


3. Weigh your package using your free* 5 lb. digital scale.

Use the free 5 lb. digital scale (*just pay shipping and handling) to accurately weigh your envelopes or packages.  The scale connects directly to your computer and integrates seamlessly with the program. If you need to weigh heavier packages,  you can upgrade to our 35 lb. scale anytime.


4. Instantly calculate and print your exact postage. calculates and prints the exact postage amount on standard labels, envelopes, or plain paper. will also give you an estimate of the delivery time of all available USPS services, so you can choose the most cost-effective mail class based on your needs. uses the USPS database to validate your delivery address, ensuring fast and accurate delivery. You can even send an email to the recipient to inform them that the package is on its way.


5. Send it off.

Apply your USPS-approved postage to your mailpiece and either hand your letters and packages to your Postal Carrier, schedule a USPS pick-up, drop them at the Post Office (without standing in line), or put them in a mail collection box. Additionally, when a package of 13 oz. or more displays postage printed from, the USPS allows you to bypass the 13 oz. limit restriction and drop it right in a mail collection box.


6. Track packages and view history. automatically keeps a detailed record of the postage you print. This makes it easy for you to review your postage spending or to print a report for your files. With’s  “one-click package tracking,” there is no need to type long tracking numbers to verify your package delivery.

Here's how it works...


Open a account

Simply click the “Get Started”enter your promo code and click the “GO” button to sign up for and get access to all the services of the Post Office right from your computer 24/7. Even get discounts you can’t get at the Post Office!


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We’ll give you 4 weeks to see if is right for you. We’re so confident you’ll like, we’ll also throw in $5 free postage to use during those 4 weeks.


Don’t pay unless you stay

Cancel your account online or call 1‑855‑608‑2677 to cancel within the 4‑week trial period and pay no service fee. The monthly fee is just $19.99 plus applicable taxes, if any, including the first month. Your service will continue uninterrupted as long as you do not cancel.