The easy way to ship eBay® orders

The most powerful USPS shipping software… now FREE for eBay sellers. is proud to introduce the next generation of USPS shipping software. It’s simply the fastest, smartest and most reliable way to ship eBay orders with the USPS. With, you simply import your orders from eBay and print your shipping labels. No re-entering data. You can even batch your orders and print your labels all at once. Below are just a few of the great features. All free for eBay sellers…


All USPS Services at your Fingertips

  • All mail classes including Priority Mail®, First Class Package Service®, Parcel Select Ground® and First Class Mail® Letters
  • International customs forms integration
  • Tracking available on every package


USPS Shipping Rate Discounts

  • Up to 16%discount off USPS Post Office rates for Priority Mail Express
  • Up to 52% discount off USPS Post Office rates for Priority Mail
  • Up to 26% discount off USPS Post Office rates for First Class Package Service
  • Up to 7% discount off international rates for Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail and First Class Package International Service
  • Up to 40% discount on package insurance
  • Free USPS supplies
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Rapid Order Processing

  • Retrieve order data directly from eBay
  • Import order data from multiple eBay accounts into one interface
  • Print multiple shipping labels at once
  • High-speed thermal printer support
  • USPS tracking updated in your eBay account


Valuable Ecommerce Features

  • Hidden postage
  • Automatic address correction
  • Presets for commonly shipped products


Shipping Reports and Package Tracking

  • Look up shipments 24/7 from any computer
  • Track shipment expenses
  • Print SCAN Forms for any number of packages
  • Easy-to-use reporting dashboard

$60 in free postage and supplies when you sign up!

  • $5 in free postage added to your account
  • 5 lb digital scale (only pay for S&H)
  • Free mailing and shipping supplies kit
  • Risk-free 30-day trial
  • No long-term contracts. Cancel anytime.