USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode


What is the Intelligent Mail® Barcode?

The Intelligent Mail® barcode (iMb) is a 65-bar U.S. Postal Service barcode designed for bulk mailers to track and sort mailpieces such as flats and letters. Two versions of the Intelligent Mail barcode are available: Basic Service and Full Service. Basic Service is easy to implement and offers tracking and sorting capabilities. Full Service offers additional capabilities and benefits such as greater postage discounts, advanced tracking, and free address correction services.

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How to use the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode

USPS Intelligent Mail® barcodes must be generated by a software or hardware solution approved by the U.S. Postal Service. Once you select a solution, you must obtain a USPS Mailer ID which will be unique to you. You can obtain your Mailer ID through the USPS Business Customer Gateway where you’ll create an account, log in, and activate your Intelligent Mail barcode services. Lastly, you must sync your Intelligent Mail® barcode services with your mailing and shipping solution. After completion, you’ll have the ability to print Intelligent Mail® barcodes for your mailpieces.

Bulk mailers and shippers who print the Intelligent Mail® barcodes on their shipping labels receive discounts on the following USPS mail classes and types:

  • First-Class Mail® letters and flats.
  • Standard mail letters and flats.
  • Periodical letters and flats.
  • Bound printed matter flats.
  • Business and permit reply mail.

Using USPS Intelligent Mail® Barcode with has built-in capabilities to print the USPS Intelligent Mail barcode directly onto your letter or shipping label. These capabilities eliminate the need to manually obtain a USPS Mailer ID or create an account through the USPS Business Customer Gateway. Using the software, customers can print Intelligent Mail® barcodes onto all types of letters and packages.

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