has released Version 8.0 of its software, and it’s better than ever. The new version of the software is packed with features including online reporting, the ability to submit e-refunds for international labels as well as much more.  Read on for the details:version-8.0

Online Print History
The new version of allows you access to your online postage purchases and print history from any computer connected to the web. At home and need to see if that important package was sent?  No problem.  All you have to do is log-in to your account online and you’ll see all the details – from what labels were printed to how much postage was purchased for a select time frame.

End-of-day processing of free USPS pickups and SCAN forms also can be scheduled and monitored online. This feature will be very beneficial for companies that have multiple employees printing shipping labels.   All the employees will be able to manage their postage and shipping needs from their workstation and then an office manager can complete the end-of-day processing from a completely different workstation.

E-Refunds for International Shipping
Previously, customers who needed a refund for international shipping had to mail in the NetStamp or shipping label along with a completed form to’s headquarters within 30 days of the postage print date. Version 8.0 eliminates that hassle by letting you submit the request through your software.   Now you can log in to the software, view your print history and select the label that was misprinted.

SCAN Forms for Express Mail
With Version 8.0, , Express Mail packages can now be scanned using the US Postal Service’s SCAN form program.  The Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice (SCAN) form program is a summary page with a bar code that includes all of your packages being sent on a particular day.      Once you give your packages to a USPS employee to be shipped, that person will scan the bar code on the SCAN form to show that the Post Office has accepted all the packages in your shipment.  This feature will make it easy for you and your customers to track packages from the start.

Not all plans offer the SCAN feature. If your plan doesn’t have it, contact for an upgrade.

Return Shipping Labels
Version 8.0 now makes it easy to have packages shipped back to you. Just locate the original label you used to ship the package to your customer in your print history and request a Return Shipping Label.   The software will create the return shipping label as a PDF which you can then email to the customer.

Download Version 8.0 now.

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