Uh oh!  You’ve shipped out your merchandise to a customer, but you’ve received notice that it went to an incorrect address.

The good news is that you might be able to redirect or intercept the package if it has entered the mailstream but hasn’t been delivered yet thanks to the USPS® Package Intercept process.

Package Intercept options vary depending on whether you are a retail customer visiting the Post Office™ or commercial mailer with a permit linked to the postage payment known as the Centralized Account Processing System (CAPS).

Package Intercept Options 

If you’re a retail customer shipping from the Post Office, Package Intercept requests can be made to redirect the mailpiece back to the sender.

If you are a commercial mailer, you have a couple of more options:

1. You can reroute the mailpiece to a new, alternate address.

2. You can redirect it to the sender.

3. You can redirect the mailpiece to a Post Office for Hold For Pickup.

What You Need to Know 

Some things to keep in mind:

1. Only domestic packages can be intercepted. Package Intercept is not available for international packages, APO/FPO/DPO destinations or for anything requiring a customs form.

2. No guarantee is available for Package Intercept. If the USPS is not able to intercept your package, unfortunately a refund for the service won’t be available.

3. All domestic mail classes are eligible for Package Intercept except Standard Mail and periodicals with a tracking or Extra Service barcode.

Paying for Package Intercept

Currently, the fee for Package Intercept is $12.55 per piece.

However, if you are a commercial mailer, you do have the option of adding extra USPS Special Services (such as Insurance or Signature Confirmation), so additional fees may apply. If you want to redirect the parcel to a new recipient, additional postage costs may apply.

Learn how to redirect a shipment using USPS Package Intercept here.

Need further information? Check out our USPS Package Intercept page.

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