USPS is upgrading all postage meters to use a new system called Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI). This will replace the older system, Information Based Indicia (IBI), after 20+ years of use. IMI has more updated technology and has been slowly rolled out over the past 10 years. 

What does this mean, and how do these changes affect your business? Let’s start with the basics. Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) is the technology postage meters use to send information to USPS. Beginning June 30, 2024, any postage meters still using IBI will be decertified. However, USPS will accept postage from decertified meters until December 31, 2024. After this time, your postage meter will require IMI technology to remain in use.  

The good news is, customers don’t need to worry about these changes. We’re dedicated to making this transition as smooth as possible, and there are no changes needed on your end. While no action is necessary, IMI and its benefits are worth understanding. 

Key dates and takeaways 

  • customers don’t need to take any action. 
  • USPS will decertify all postage meters on June 30, 2024. 
  • USPS will no longer accept decertified postage after December 31, 2024. 
  • IBI has been used for over 20+ years, so IMI provides updated technology to postage meters. 

What is Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI)?

Indicia, or Permit Imprint Indicia, is a form of printed postage that takes the place of a traditional stamp or postage meter marking. IBI, like IMI, is a form of printed postage. It was created to provide USPS with more centralized data and heightened security. 

After 20+ years of IBI, USPS has been rolling out IMI over the past decade. IMI is built off of IBI but has more up-to-date technology. To align with their ten-year initiative, USPS will now enforce adoption of IMI for all postage meters.

Will these changes impact my mailing and shipping?

For customers, this change is automatic. Our team is already working to make these changes, and your workflow won’t be interrupted. Additionally, these changes will be implemented by December 30, 2024 to comply with the new regulations. 

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact our Support team via email or phone at 855-608-2677, M-F from 8am-8pm CT. 

How does IMI benefit me?

IMI comes with a few advantages. Some of these include: 

  • Enhanced security 
  • Increased mail efficiency 
  • Automated and streamlined returns

Enhanced security 

IMI provides even more data encryption and fraud protection. Encrypted data prevents your information from being accessed or stolen. Also, increased security checks are more likely to flag fraudulent activity sooner. 

Increased mail efficiency 

IMI lays the groundwork for automating tasks that could otherwise cause delays. Avoiding these delays can lead to faster delivery times and shortened wait times. This new technology also decreases the likelihood of adjustments given to incorrect measurements. 

Automated and efficient returns 

IMI allows for more detailed tracking, so you can track refunds with ease. IMI barcodes also include information like insurance, keeping everything in one place. 

Do I need to update my postage meter?

If you use a postage meter, these changes can be unexpected, expensive, time-consuming, and complicated. You’ll also need to contact your provider about their IMI adoption plan. If you’re a customer, these changes will be made for you. Our NetStamps® postage is up to date and won’t require any updates. We eliminate the need for special equipment, so you can buy and print postage online from anywhere at any time.

Learn more about’s Multi-Location plan.

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