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A new version of the U.S. Postal Service® application for iPhone® devices lets users schedule a free next-day package pickup, order expedited shipping supplies and scan package barcodes. These new features build on services already available through USPS Mobile technology, including the ability to use the track and confirm tool, locate a nearby Post Office™ and find a ZIP Code™.

Screenshots from the USPS Mobile App for iPhones

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Among the new features, iPhone users will be able to schedule a next-day pickup. They’ll get email confirmations when the request is made, when the package is picked up and when the pickup request is modified or canceled. The app will enable integration with the contact list on the user’s iPhone.

Another new feature will let iPhone users order free expedited shipping supplies. They can choose from Express Mail® and Priority Mail® boxes and envelopes, and select quantities desired. They’ll be able to save a record of the order on their iPhones. Also, the “calculate-a-price” feature has been upgraded to include both online and retail prices.

Additionally, a new scanner feature will enable iPhone* users to scan barcodes on USPS® shipping labels as well as “quick response” codes. The app stores the label number so users can easily check the status of their shipments.

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*Available on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPad 2 only.

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