Getting Packages to USPS

As a business owner, you’re responsible for ensuring orders are shipped to customers without delays or inconveniences. However, as a person, there are situations you can’t control. Sometimes, you won’t make it to the post office before it closes. Other times, you might get held up at your business and have packages in need of shipping. The good news is, USPS offers both pickup and drop-off options to help get your packages out. 

Schedule free USPS pickups 

Did you know you can schedule free USPS pickups directly from your account? Packages shipped using Priority Mail Express®, Priority Mail®, and First Class International services can be picked up from your business or home without additional fees. If you’re using a different USPS service, don’t worry! The service is still free as long as you’re also shipping another package using one of the aforementioned services. You can schedule a USPS pickup through your using these steps: 

  1. Go to the History menu on your dashboard and click Schedule Pickup. 
  1. Once the Schedule Pickup drop-down menu appears, select either All Eligible Packages or Select Packages, depending on which packages will be included in your pickup. 
  1. Confirm your pickup address and the number of packages shown are correct. 
  1. Select where at your location the postal carrier will pick up your packages and include any necessary notes/information. 

Note: You don’t have to be at your business or home when your postal carrier arrives. 

  1. Verify all of the information on your screen is correct and hit Submit to schedule your pickup. 

Note: You have until 2AM to schedule a pickup for the current day. 


If you have several packages, you can create a Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice or SCAN form. A SCAN form creates one barcode that includes all of the information for a group of packages, so each package doesn’t have to be scanned into the system individually. SCAN forms can be printed after the labels for your daily shipments have been created and printed. 

To create a USPS SCAN form: 

  1. Click the History menu on your dashboard. 
  2. Locate the Create SCAN Form button
  3. Choose Eligible Packages or All Eligible Packages, depending on which package you’d like to include in your SCAN form. 
  4. Select Print SCAN Form. 

When your postal carrier arrives, hand them the SCAN form. If you plan to drop shipments off at the local post office, you’ll hand the SCAN form to the postal worker at the counter. Speaking of, how do you find the nearest USPS location?

Finding USPS Drop-Off Locations Near Me 

USPS offers a couple of drop-off options, including collection boxes and post offices. Collection boxes are containers with mail/package slots where you can drop-off mail packages. While USPS has several types of collection boxes, you’re probably most familiar with the Standard Collection Box Receptacle (Blue Box) or the blue, metal collection boxes for mail and small packages like the one below. 

Image courtesy of USPS

Look for the labels on the collection box to see when a postal carrier will retrieve packages and to determine if the collection box accepts Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express shipments. Collection boxes will also have scannable QR codes which send you to a post office locator tool. For more information on collection boxes, visit the USPS website.

This is an example of the collection box label, courtesy of USPS.

Additionally, packages can be dropped off at your local post office. SCAN forms can be accepted by postal workers at the counter. However, if you have a large number of packages, you might be asked to pull around to a loading dock or to drop-off the packages at another location around the post office. You can find your closest USPS collection box or post office using their PO Locator tool.


Being a business owner still means you’re a human being. Life gets busy, but you still need to get packages to customers. Ship around your schedule with USPS pickup and drop-off options! If you’re stuck at the office or home, let USPS come to you. If you need to drop packages off while you’re out and about, find the nearest collection box or post office. For big shipment days, create and print a SCAN form to save time for your business and postal carrier alike.

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