Welcome to our United States Postal Service Updates blog, your guide to the changing postal scene. Here, we’ll share the latest news and rate updates from the USPS. Dive in as we break down the 2024 updates. 

July 2024 Service Changes

The USPS is adjusting its shipping rates in July, and we want to make sure you’re prepared. These changes will affect the cost of sending letters and packages, so it’s important to be aware of the details and how to find the best rates. In July you will see two separate rate increases, on the 1st and 14th. Here’s the breakdown:

Key Pricing Changes

July 1st:

  • Ground Advantage: Prices will increase for packages under and over 1 pound, with some adjustments as high as $2.11. Cubic pricing for Ground Advantage will also see an increase.
  • Priority Mail: Expect a 5% average increase, with some rates going up to $3.10 more.
  • Priority Mail Flats: Prices will rise by an average of 4%, with some individual rates potentially increasing up to $1.18.
  • Priority Mail Cubic: This service will see the biggest increase, with an average jump of 10% and some rates going up to $2.97 more.

July 14th:

  • First-Class Mail stamps are going up by 5 cents, from 68 cents to 73 cents. However, when using Stamps.com, you receive a discounted rate of 69 cents.
  • Overall Mailing Services: Mailing service prices will increase by an average of 7.8%.

Here’s an overview of the new prices for mailing services:

Mailing Service Prices

ProductCurrent PricesNew Prices
Letters (1 oz.)68 cents73 cents
Letters (metered 1 oz.)64 cents69 cents
Domestic Postcards53 cents56 cents
International Postcards$1.55$1.65
International Letter (1 oz.)$1.55$1.65
Effective July 14, 2024

Can I still use my old NetStamps after the price increase?

Yes, hold on to your NetStamps! NetStamps printed before the July 14th rate increase are still valid for mailing. However, you’ll need to make sure the postage they represent covers the new rate.

Here’s how it works:

  • If your NetStamp was printed with the old rate (which was 64 cents), it will only cover part of the new cost.
  • To make up the difference, you’ll need to print a separate NetStamp for 5 cents (the difference between the old and new price).
  • Stick both NetStamps on your package – the original 64 cent one and the new 5 cent one. This will add up to the current postage requirement which is 69 cents. 

To recap you can use your old NetStamps, but you might need to add a a 5 cent “top-up” to reach the new rate of 69 cents effective July 14th.

New Mailing Technology Requirements from USPS

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is implementing a new technology standard called Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) to modernize its mailing system.

What is IMI and why is it required?

IMI replaces the older technology and provides the USPS with more detailed and real-time data on your mailings. This translates to a smoother and more efficient mailing experience for everyone. Upgrading offers several benefits:

  • Reduced costs: Eliminates the need to guesstimate postage, preventing overspending and returns.
  • Improved cash flow: Detailed transaction data makes it easier to track refunds and reimbursements.
  • Always up-to-date: Your system automatically receives the latest postage rates and service information.
  • Enhanced security: Robust security features protect your data.
  • Increased efficiency: IMI streamlines mail processing for the USPS, potentially leading to faster deliveries.

What does this mean for you?

The good news is, you don’t need to take any action. Stamps is already working diligently behind the scenes to ensure our technology is fully compliant with IMI by December 2024.  As an approved USPS partner, we’ll make sure your mailing operation continues to run smoothly without interruption.

Advance Proof of Postage Payment Required for Shipping Labels

The USPS will be strictly enforcing existing rules that require advance proof of postage payment for shipping labels beginning August 1, 2024.

Here at Stamps.com, we’re happy to assure you that our service is already fully compliant with these regulations. You won’t need to make any changes to your current workflow when using Stamps.com. As an approved USPS partner, we handle all the details behind the scenes, ensuring your mailing operations continue smoothly without interruption.

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