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Are you a regular seller on eBay? Do you operate an ecommerce store in Yahoo Stores or use PayPal or Google Checkout as a payment option for product sales?’s latest software – PC Postage Version 8.5 — is loaded with great tools to help online sellers manage their package shipping program in a better, more efficient manner.  Version 8.5 lets you import your sales order data directly from the most popular ecommerce platforms and then use one interface to process and ship all of your packages.   So if a business owner is selling products on eBay and also via their own web site, Version 8.5 will allow them to easily import order data from eBay and their shopping cart, and then use the interface to print all of their shipping labels.


Along with Yahoo Stores, eBay, PayPal and Google Checkout, you’ll also be able to import order data in various other formats including CSV, Excel, Access or XML.  Data can also be imported with SQL database or Oracle® via an ODBC connection.   Once the your order data is imported into, the Postal Analyzer checks to make sure that your shipping instructions and order data match, which eliminates the chance that you’ll send out the wrong product.

Package Tracking Numbers Post-Back to eBay or Amazon Accounts
Once your packages have been shipped, will automatically post-back the shipping details and a tracking number to your eBay or Amazon accounts. This feature will allow your product buyer to track the delivery activity on their new purchase.

Ship Globally with First Class Mail International also saves money for you and your customers. PayPal and USPS’s Click-N-Ship force you to upgrade to Priority Mail International if you are shipping overseas, but will let you print postage for the more economical First Class Mail International. For example, if you had a 2 pound package going from Los Angeles to Paris, France, you would save $12.11 (41% discount) per parcel by using First Class Mail International instead of using Priority Mail International*.

More Shipping Features Added Version 8.5 also features a New and Improved User Interface.  Some of the highlights are:

  • View all your orders and keep a track of how many orders remain to be shipped.
  • Process Domestic and International Shipping from a single interface.
  • Make inline edits and receive real time error feedback when orders are not ready to be printed.
  • Search all your orders by any field.
  • Make changes to orders and save your changes for processing later.

Version 8.5 includes some other important shipping upgrades. In an upcoming post, we’ll discuss the new ODBC connection features and how it can help business owners.   Download Version 8.5 now!

* Price comparison is based on 2 lbs. package mailed from Los Angeles, CA to Paris, France September 19, 2009.   Rate for First Class Mail International was $17.64 and rate for Priority Mail International was $29.75.

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