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CNBC CEO Ken McBride On Rising Demand As More People Work From Home


“Ken McBride, CEO of, joins “Squawk Alley” to discuss the company's strategy and demand amid the coronavirus pandemic.”

Vanity Fair

John Oliver Created A Line Of Stamps To Help Save The Post Office

Vanity Fair

“'The purchase of stamps is still a key revenue generator for them,' the host explained, before unveiling his own Last Week Tonight-branded stamp collection. Fans can purchase it right this very second from”

John Oliver Backs The U.S. Postal Service With Nutterbutter Stamps

“To help fund the Postal Service, Oliver and Last Week Tonight partnered with to create custom stamps featuring various recurring characters from the show like Chiijohn and Mr. Nutterbutter, as well as one that just says, "And now...a Stamp."”

Advertisers Increasing Spending During Coronavirus And Tips For Doing It Right

“Home office services like for mailing from home and Vari height-adjustable desks for setting up in-home offices”

New York Times

How To Write A Condolence Note

New York Times

“First, you may not have stamps available, though you can download postage from websites such as, and print it from your personal computer.”

EcommerceBytes Waives Fees For Seniors To Avoid Trips To P.O.


“Online postage provider is waiving its monthly service fees for seniors through the end of July due to the coronavirus pandemic.”

MarketWatch Lands Deal With UPS, Stock Shoots More Than 15% Higher in After-Hours Trading


“'This new collaboration with UPS will make UPS shipping services available to's customers at attractive discounts of up to 55 percent off daily rates, including various waived surcharges,' UPS stated in its announcement.”

Digital Commerce 360

UPS Looks To Strengthen Ties With Small And Midsized Retailers

Digital Commerce 360

“For example, UPS is working with, No. 106 in the Internet Retailer 2019 Top 500, to offer discounted shipping rates to the roughly 740,000 ecommerce customers that works with across its multiple brands that include ShipStation, ShippingEasy, ShipWorks and Endicia.” Soars As UPS Deal A 'Step In The Right Direction'

“ Inc. shares rallied Tuesday after United Parcel Service Inc. announced a pact to offer discounted shipping rates to the company's customer base of more than 740,000.”

Financial Times Soars On UPS Shipping Deal

Financial Times

“The partnership with UPS would provide discounted shipping rates to's more than 740,000 customers, UPS said. The discounts would be up to 55 per cent off daily rates, including waived fees.”


Global Postal Group Reaches Deal To Avoid U.S. Withdrawal


“ launched a new product, GlobalPost, to try to give comparable prices to what they can get from the USPS. 'We're acutely aware of the impact this could have on our customers, our customers do ship internationally quite a bit, and we want to ensure they have seamless access to those markets,' said Jeff Carberry, CFO.”

Digital Commerce 360 Cites Growth Ahead With B2B Ecommerce Shippers

Digital Commerce 360

“But a domestic and worldwide expansion of ecommerce, along with expanding shipping services by UPS, FedEx and others for B2B as well as B2C ecommerce shippers, are all contributing to a brighter revenue future, CEO Ken McBride said on a conference call with investment analysts earlier this month, according to a transcript from Seeking Alpha.”


Is an Amazon Prime Membership Worth an Extra $100 a Year?


“The first aspect to consider is shipping costs. In a 2014 analysis of major U.S. shipping carriers, found that shipping a 2-lb. package cost on average $7.34 for USPS Priority Mail, $10.45 for UPS Ground, and $10.40 for FedEx Home Delivery.”

Darwin’s Digital Darlings: How These Web 1.0 Companies Survived And Thrived

“Focused on small and home businesses, now offers lots of services around postage, including printers, toner, scales, labels and insurance.”


Six Things to Know About Shipping Insurance


“ insures packages up to $10,000, which is underwritten by Parcel Insurance Plan and Fireman’s Fund, separate companies. Compare that to the USPS, which covers a maximum declared value of only $5,000.”

Top Vendors for Postage

“ let you create a mail handling system able to tackle just about everything from individual letters to direct mail campaigns.”

Business Tech Edge

Organized Shipping

Business Tech Edge

“The platform enables them to import sales from each marketplace into one interface, therefore eliminating the need to cut and paste data between applications.”

Investor’s Business Daily Retains Its Stars By Moving Them Around

Investor’s Business Daily

“With a background in engineering, McBride prefers analytical decision-making. He wants his managers to adopt the same rigorous methodology.”

FitSmall Business

How To Save Money With Online Postage

Fit Small Business

“We recommend using because of their easy to use software. is much more intuitive than the post office’s offering.”

Five Money-Saving Products and Services for the Modern Small Business and Office

“ is a postage on demand service that allows you to create and print your own valid postage for delivering snail mail anywhere in the world. calculates and prints the exact postage you need for whatever type of parcel you want, which saves on trips to the post office – a huge time saver if your business handles a lot of mail.”

Investors Business Daily

How A CEO Turned Into A Moneymaker

Investor’s Business Daily

“While the U.S. Post Office sells stamps in retail outlets the way it has for the last 200 years, Stamps adapted to the Internet. It provides postage services through its software, mostly to small firms, big shippers and e-commerce sites.’s software enables its customers to send a letter, certified mail, postcards or packages, without having to trek to the local post office and wait in line.”

The Motley Fool

Avoid the Post Office With This Industry Leader

The Motley Fool

“ targets home offices, small businesses, and high-volume shippers with its PC postage service. For example, a person operating a home-based eBay or Marketplace business would use the service to mail out products sold to customers. customers also receive discounts on postal rates, package tracking, and insurance, as well as save time by not having to drive to the post office. This allows small-business owners to focus on their business and not waste time and money.”

Three Ways to Streamline Shipping for the Holiday Rush

“So last year, the Long Beach, Calif.-based company instituted “batching,” where he dedicated one to two shipping stations to focus on the company’s 20 to 30 best-selling products. His 20 employees then began pre-packaging these items so they would be ready to go with the exception of the customer’s shipping information.”

American Express OPEN Forum

How to Save Money on Shipping Costs

American Express OPEN Forum

“…You can save money by buying postage online. For example, through such companies as Pitney Bowes and, Express Mail users get a 3% price reduction; Priority Mail customers save 3.5%. The approach is most cost-efficient if you regularly send out big mailings, since these services generally charge a monthly fee.”

The Most Trustworthy Companies Named to Most Trustworthy Public Company List by

Fortune Small Business Ranked Among Fortune Small Business Magazine’s 100 Fastest-Growing Small Public Companies

Fortune Small Business magazine

“ provides Internet–based mailing options, including U.S. Postal Service–approved electronic postage that can be printed directly onto labels and envelopes. Another service allows consumers to create valid stamps from digital photos.” The FORTUNE Small Business 100 list ranks companies with annual revenues of less than $200 million and a stock price of more than $1 based on percentage growth in earnings, revenue and stock performance over the past three years.

PC World

PC Postage Saves Time, Money, and Headaches

PC World

“ lets you prepare and print stamped labels and envelopes on your computer; it also offers a host of time-saving features such as integration with your contacts database and real-time address verification, e-mail shipping and receipt notifications for both you and your recipient, scale integration, electronic generation of custom forms, pickup scheduling, supply ordering, and usage reports. Each provides deeply discounted third-party insurance and free delivery confirmation for Priority Mail.”

Boston Globe

Turning your PC into a postage meter lets you avoid lines at the post office

The Boston Globe

“The software also determines the correct ZIP code and prints the bar code over the address, which is likely to speed delivery. Using either system is pretty simple. You start a program on your Windows-based PC, type in the address, tell the computer how much your letter or parcel weighs, and press the “print” button. You can run an envelope straight through your inkjet or laser printer: It comes out with the destination and return addresses, plus the postage. If you want to send something bigger, you can print the postage onto a mailing label.”

New York Times

Buying Stamps Can Now Mean Just a Trip to the Computer

New York Times

“Life just became a little bit easier for those who mail,” Pam Gibert, a Postal Service vice president, said. “With PC Postage you can purchase and print postage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Your Stamp Here

“Besides never having to go to the post office again, there are other advantages of Internet Postage: You can print postage directly on an envelope at the same time you print the address. You can print shipping labels for bigger envelopes or parcels, and USPS gives you a discount on delivery confirmation for using the Internet. On labels, you can conceal the amount you pay for postage, a good idea for retail businesses that charge a shipping and handling fee that’s more than the cost of postage alone. You can insure packages without taking them to the post office. You can reprint postage that you screw up, something you can’t do with a meter. And you can print small, peel-off labels– calls them NetStamps–that work just like regular postage stamps.”

MSN Money

How to print postage online

MSN Money – SmartSpending Blog

“For me, the biggest draw now is in the time savings. With services like, you can print postage and addresses directly onto letters and labels. You can also print regular postage, so I can print my Media Mail postage at home and just drop it off at the post office.”

Yahoo! News

The pros and cons of a home-based post office

Yahoo! News

“It guides you through mailing just about anything from a postcard to a large, oversized box. Any type of mail (Express, Media, Parcel) are all supported, and you can compare the different rates right there. Weighing and stamping a package takes about 10 to 20 seconds, max. It’s actually faster than they do it at the post office.”


Print postage from home and avoid the lines at the post office

WWAY TV3 (ABC Affiliate – Wilmington, NC)

“Many people would like to find a way around the lines at the post office. may be a helpful alternative. The website allows you to get your mail ready to send off, right from your desktop. You can print official United States Postal Service stamps and shipping labels directly from your PC and printer. The service costs sixteen dollars a month, which includes software to create the postage and a scale to weigh your packages. That way, you know the exact amount of postage needed to send your mail. That postage amount is automatically deducted from your account. You can also personalize your stamps with a family photo or business logo.”

Regus Group Americas counts on supplier relationship for efficiency – Purchasing postage through reduces costs

“Clients use Regus offices to reduce costs, increase productivity and focus on their core business. helps with all three of these,” Jeffrey Lipes says. The supplier helped to reduce costs by approximately $1.2 million a year,” he says, explaining that he arrives at this figure by comparing monthly cost of the service with that of leasing a postal meter. Providing the service (and getting rid of the postage meter) allows Regus to optimize the office space in provides clients. And because the service is Web-based, it also streamlines workflow and improves efficiency of the company’s billing processes. The integration on the billing piece is a huge step forward because in the old days we had to manually apply those postal charges to billing system,” says Lipes. “Now, it’s totally automated.”

Websites to Help Streamline Your Shipping

“ lets customers import addresses from an online store, address book, or spreadsheet, and input package weights. The software checks the information for inaccuracies, then calculates USPS postage rates and creates labels.”

All Business

Are You Still in the Dark Ages with Your Postage Solution?

“Here are some things the solution does that a postage meter can’t do.” “Print address and postage in one step, print shipping labels, track all your postage expenses, import addresses from your PC Address Book, print postage from Quickbooks or Microsoft Word, instantly compare postage rates and delivery times for all mail classes, make your mail look more professional, automated Certified Mail and Customs Forms. ” ”That’s a pretty long list! I don’t do a lot of mailing (barely ever use a stamp!), but if you spend a lot of money mailing items in your business, it may be worth your while to take a look at to see if changing over could help your bottom line.”

Internet Retailer

Now she can print her postage and mailing labels right from her PC.

Internet Retailer

“Before I had to physically go to the post office,” Milstein says. “Now I can do it all from the desk.” She also likes the fact that can handle international orders, which account for about half of her sales of vintage and antique costume jewelry, as well as Priority Mail and standard domestic postage.

Online Postage: Streamline Your Small Business Shipping

“Instead of the long-traditional postage meter, Sheila Frazier handles mailing needs online through, an e-commerce site that charges customers a monthly fee for the convenience of buying postage online. “I’ve had no trouble with them,” says Frazier, who has used since she launched her business in 2005. “For postage purposes, they’ve been perfect.” “Businesses large and small have long operated their own mailrooms to process high letter and package volumes. But with the convenience and cost benefits offered by services such as and the U.S. Postal Service’s own, limited pay-for-postage-online options, setting up your own post office has become a viable option for even the smallest business.”

Cost Cutters: 6 Ways to Save on Postage and Shipping

“For $10 to $20 a month, electronic postage services such as Endicia, Pitney Bowes (PBI) and (STMP) offer software that enables small businesses to print U.S. Postal Service-approved postage through their personal computers, printers and Internet connections at a discount to Postal Service rates., for example, claims to save customers 3% to 3.5% on first class mail fees, 5% off express mail, up to 11% off priority mail and up to 8% on international mail.”

…Shipping Advice for Small Online Retailers

“No one likes those ‘monthly fees’ of the postage vendors, whether it is rental on a postage meter or a monthly fee from Endicia or But the fact is that these services are often cheaper than using Click-n-Ship or the PayPal shipping system. For example, if sellers purchase insurance to cover their shipments, Click-n-Ship and the PayPal system may actually cost more than using systems like Endicia and”

The PeC Review: is A Helpful Tool for Many Merchants

“’s software does a superb job of achieving its stated goal—printing proper postage from a PC. And it offers developers tools that make it possible to overcoming at least some of its shortcomings. As a postage processing tool, get four out of five stars in this PeC Review.”


Stamp Of Approval? Get Postage Right From Home

KERO23 (ABC Affiliate – Bakersfield, CA)

“As a member of, you can mark at least one thing off of your to-do list: making a trip to the Post Office. And running out of stamps – which which can happen at the most inconvenient times – would be a thing of the past. If you have a computer, a printer and an internet connection, you can print sheets of stamps, shipping labels and international postage. You can even print postage directly onto envelopes., an approved licensed vendor of the United States Postal Service, provides convenience for more than just the individual looking to save those precious minutes of the day. Many others, such as smaller companies, entrepreneurs and online sellers, can also benefit from the service.”

Entrepreneur’s Journal: Stamp prices rising again, so what to do?

“Well, it’s a good idea to check out a mail service like In fact, this company focuses on the needs of small businesses. Using the PC Postage software, you can calculate the exact postage – and print it on a label. There is no special hardware needed. Keep in mind that the software will find all discounts (up to 11% on domestic Priority Mail). also has postage cleansing (that is, it makes sure that an address is valid). Actually, you can save more than 80% when compared to using a traditional postage meter.”

Tips, gizmos and gadgets for the home

“In this era of Techno this and techno that, there is virtually nothing that you can not do on a computer or better yet, there is virtually nothing that you can not do WITH a computer and the internet. If you can do it on the outside world or via mail, you can usually do it from the comfort of your own home. Forget the Post Office – Print postage for letters and packages right from your home. You can even add in insurance, and other fees.”

Law Office Computing magazine Review

Law Office Computing magazine

“ allows you to set up alphanumeric cost codes and then track your postage spending by using these cost codes. For law firms, this is helpful for tracking postage spent by client or case number. You then can search for the identifying cost code, print it out, view or download a list of all the postage printed for that account. This is invaluable in my appointed appellate work, as the court reimburses me for postage. “Before using, I had to enter the amounts into a spreadsheet, and I always forgot to enter one or two. You can get free or discounted electronic delivery confirmation of packages sent via First Class, Priority or Express Mail. You also can have package shipping and tracking information automatically sent to you, the recipient or both.”


“ is probably the easiest of the processes to use. It requires no extraneous equipment other than a PC and printer.” According to Paula Berge of The Solace Lambs Network, “I use for all postage and I love it and have never had a problem. Its software is downloaded free, and to make its product more appealing, it currently offers $20 worth of postage free.”

The Tech (MIT’s oldest and largest newspaper)

Gadget Review – Internet Postage

The Tech (MIT’s oldest and largest newspaper)

“If you get a meter, you’re limited on the dimensions of packages you can print postage for, and there’s a significant rental and maintenance cost in addition to another piece of equipment you have to deal with. The service provides another alternative by integrating services normally provided by the post office into your computer and printer. Whenever you want to mail something, you simply type in the recipient’s address, select the type of package, and press print. You can print out on your conventional printer (directly onto the envelope or onto label sheets), standard pages for shipping labels, or onto a label printer. The software automatically corrects addresses that are wrong to ensure it will be delivered correctly.”

Our Three Years of Experience with

“ will do all postage amounts including Express mail and certified mail. You just print it, enclose your mail, seal it and deposit it in the post office box. The software verifies addresses, stores your favorite addresses, adds the extra four digits to the zip code and prints a bar code for scanning by post office automated equipment.”