Personalizing your mail is a great way to create a strong first impression on your customers and’s powerful Graphics feature can make that happen for you!

With the software, you can add Return Address and Postage graphics to your Envelopes, and Return Address graphics to your Shipping Labels.

How to Add Graphics Using

  • Use Your Own Graphic File: Just look for the Graphic icon above the Return Address text field. If you want to include a graphic next to the postage in the top right corner of your postage label, just look for the Delivery Address text field.  Select the Include Graphic check box, and then click Browse to locate a graphic file.  You can select the graphic you want to use from your computer.


  • Use A Pre-Existing Graphic File: If you don’t have your own graphic, has you covered!  Our software offers a wide variety of pre-existing graphics for business, personal and seasonal use, from Fragile and Happy Groundhog Day images, to graphics like Grad Hats, Air Mail, Babypins, and Scales of Justice.  Fun and clear images like Wedding Cakes, Sports Cars, and Handle With Care will give your letters and packages that extra personal touch.


Need more graphics? has some free plug-ins that you can install from here.

Tips for Adding Graphics

  • If you’re adding your own graphic, make sure that your image file is either a .bmp, a .png, or .jpg file type.
  • Keep your image clear and simple! Your graphic will appear within the confines of a very small space (about 1 cm x 1.5 cm), so the simpler and less detailed the image, the clearer it will look to your recipients.  Our software will auto-size it for you.  Our library of existing images will give you an idea of what sort of images look best.
  • Adding graphics for the first time? We recommend printing a zero-cost sample by clicking on the gray Print Sample button.  This will test your printer and give you an idea of what your actual live postage will look like.
  • Don’t see an option to add graphics? Make sure you are logging into the software via your desktop icon.
  • To stop printing a graphic, clear the Include Graphic check box.
  • Did you add your own image and now you want to get back to’s library of Graphics? No problem!  When you hit the Browse button, look for our graphics under Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > Internet Postage > Images.
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