There are over 1 Billion buyers worldwide and e-commerce sales are expected to be over 1.5 TRILLION dollars in 2014 (Source: eMarketer) — that is 20% higher than 2013! The international market is a HUGE opportunity for online retailers and it’s only getting bigger.

International buyers want U.S. products and buying directly from the source is usually much cheaper than buying from a retailer in their own country.

U.S., the UK, Australia and Canada represent 44% of total E-commerce Sales in 2013.

Easy First Step – Start with English Speaking Countries
One simple method to get started is to start selling into the main English speaking countries such as Canada, the UK and Australia.

  • Along with the U.S., these countries represent 44% of the entire international e-commerce market.
  • Communication with these buyers is easy since English is the main language used.
  • All of these countries have good internet coverage and developed postal infrastructures already established, so packages can be easily delivered to the buyer.

Don’t miss out on this simple step to grow your sales.  Start selling to international markets today!


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