Now you can see where every penny of postage is spent.

It's about time. Now gain detailed, easy-to-access information about your USPS mailing and shipping. The Enterprise solution gives you complete visibility into your postage spending and usage — no matter how large or dispersed your network of offices may be. Enterprise software provides you a dashboard where you can easily run reports detailing activity throughout your organization, assign permissions to employees by hierarchy and review transactions on a user-by-user basis. These powerful reporting features allow you to track postage expenditures in the different departments or locations of your company. You also can assign reference codes for tracking expenses by cost code or client.

Detailed reporting lets you see:
  • Postage expenses by user and/or office location
  • Postage purchases, printing and up-to-date postage balances
  • Postage spending by mail class, by special services and reference code
  • Historical trends for the last 3 years of postage use
  • Supplies, insurance and all other related expenses
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