If you are an eBay seller, you have to wear many different hats in order to operate a successful business.  Daily operational tasks — preparing and posting listings, collecting payments, shipping sold orders and relisting unsold items – often steal time away from focusing on the best methods to run your business. Blog_Free-Ebay

Free – No Subscription Cost for Goods Sold Through eBay
Fortunately, Stamps.com has developed a new method for eBay sellers to save time and money on shipping methods and preparation. The company has launched a new free program for eBay sellers that allows them to print shipping labels easily by importing all of their eBay order data into the Stamps.com software. Once the order data is loaded in the software, they can either batch print all of the day’s shipping labels or print each shipping label individually.  

eBay sellers will have access to the great shipping features that Stamps.com offers, including hidden postage, discounts for Priority Mail and Express Mail, and Customs forms integration. Plus, sellers will be able to use features that aren’t available elsewhere.

Unique Stamps.com Shipping Features for eBay Sellers:

  • Print First Class Mail International:   Other online shipping programs require eBay sellers to upgrade to Priority Mail International.  Stamps.com allows you to print First Class Mail International labels.   An example: an eBay seller sending a 3lb package to Japan could ship the package for $24.52 via First Class Mail International – a 27% savings over the cost of $33.50 for Priority Mail International.
  • Send All Sizes of Priority Mail Flat Rate:  Other online shipping programs only offer the medium-sized Priority Mail Flat Rate box. Having access to the other options could be a huge savings if you have smaller or larger products to ship.
  • Discounted Package Insurance:  Stamps.com customers get 10 percent off package insurance and do not need to drop off their package at the Post Office.  Other online shipping programs do not offer insurance discounts.
  • Insure packages up to $2,500:  With Stamps.com, you can buy package insurance up to $2,500 in value. Other shipping programs have a low $500 limit. Many eBay sellers are forced to split their packages into multiple shipments due to the lower $500 value limit or accept the risk for content values over $500.
  • Batch Printing:  Stamps.com allows eBay sellers to batch print up to 1,000 labels at a time.  Other online shipping programs limit you to batch print only 50 shipping labels.

Customers using the Free eBay program can upgrade to a paid subscription plan to utilize Stamps.com’s other mailing and shipping features, such as printing postage on envelopes, importing data from Amazon, Yahoo! Stores, Google Checkout or their own shopping cart in formats such as CSV, Excel or XML. 

Sign up for the free eBay program now at:  http://www.stamps.com/ebayfree4

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